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Italy, Venice , Palazzo Barbarigo della Terrazza, Concert with Julien Quentin Sept 10

JULY 2010

Luxembourg: Wiltz Festival, Open Air Concert July 10

JUNE 2010

Berlin: Open-Air Concert June 8

Berlin: Dress-Rehearsal Concert June 7

APRIL - MAY 2010

Dresden: Fantastic concert! May 16

Halle/Saale: amazing! May 10

Ulm: Fascinating! May 4

Wuppertal: Very emotional! April 29

Tour in US - February - March - April 2010

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: they played wonderfully April 7

Clearwater, FL: where during playing a bow string breaks! April 6

Nashville, TN: seeing him perform takes it to another level! April 3

Bethesda, MD: brillant fingerwork! March 31

Harrisburg, PA: wonderful! March 30

Monclair, NJ: He ROCKED!!!March 28

Concord, NH: Come back soon!!!!!! March 27

Collingswood, NJ: Ooooh La La…World’s Fastest German-American Violinist… March 24

Chicago, : DAVID was fantastic! March 17, 18, 19

San Diego and Anaheim: A California Dreamin’ Road Trip for Fellow Forum Girls, Feb 28

Anaheim : Paganini, Bernstein, Jackson, Zeppelin, ACDC, Humoresque, simply amazing, Feb 26

Anaheim : Paganini, Bernstein, Jackson, Zeppelin, ACDC, Humoresque, simply amazing, Feb 26

Portland, I am emotionally drained! Feb 24 UK11a1

Seattle, Feb 22 & 23 UK12b1

Oprah Show, Feb 22 UK36a

Hartford, CT - Performance @ The Bushnell, Two Standing Ovations! Feb 19 UK37a


Tour in Germany - Classical Romance

Berlin,The audience was totally thrilled, Jan 27 UK29a D33a

Ich schwebeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....., Hannover, Jan 22 D34a

Mannheim: Not only a great virtuoso but a talented show man as well Jan 20 UK30a D35a

Stuttgart: Very emotional! Jan 19 UK32a

Erfurt: I was totally thrilled by the orchester Jan 16 UK33a D36a

Cologne: 16000 people!!! Amazing! Jan 15 UK34a D37a

Weimar: This is the real deal! Jan 10 UK35a



Munich, "Festliche Weihnachtsgala", with photos: Dec 22 D32a UK31a




Awsome concert of David in Orlando!!, October 6 UK16a

Classical crossover –international variety and excitement, October 03 UK18a

Incredibly expressive and emotional, October 03 UK19a D21a

Germany - Bonn - September 26 UK20a



With regard to the DVD... Live in Berlin, September 2 UK21a


JULY 2009

Zurück zu solider, hintergründiger Klassik München 25th July D22a

Very emotional and expressive Regensburg 24th July D23a

Er hat absolut fantastisch und gefühlvoll gespielt Salem 17th July D24a

Trio, das war ein unglaubliches Erlebnis! Ludwigburg 15th July D25a

I hope these 3 men will play together again.... Essen 14th July UK22a D26a

Das Triple ist komplett oder wie ich von Halle über Berlin nach Essen kam... 14th July UK23a D27a

Excellence! Schleswig Holstein Musikfestival 13th July D28a


JUNE 2009

I was dizzy with delight when I heard you in concert on the PBS special, 24th June UK17a

Es war ein absoluter Traum!22nd June UK24a D29a

David Garrett – pure classical, seriously popular, 6th and 22ndJune UK25a

Saarbrucken: It was a mixed concert, 14th June UK26a D30a

an open-air-concert with outside influences! UK:Hampton Court Palace, 6th June UK27a D31a

MAY 2009

Cologne: Is this the future of classical music ? 31st May UK12c D16a

Dusseldorf: David ist ein Entertainer verloren gegangen, 29th May D17a

Karlsruhe: He continued playing with closed eyes, very concentrated...., 26th May UK12a1 D20a

Bamberg: It was awesome! 24th May 2009 UK13a

Hamburg, ich möchte heute jedoch mal über sein Publikum schreiben 22th May 2009 D18a

Nuernberg, Never had I wittnessed such play before! 20th May 2009 UK14a D19a

Aachen, I was carried in another world, 17th May 2009 UK15a

Viersen: Der 2. Satz ist so emotional, 04 th May UK3a D15a

Braunschweig ClassiX: He really communicated with the orchestra, 3rd May 2009 UK28a

APRIL 2009

Hong Kong, One-Two-Three-Four , it's David Garrett 18th and 19th Apr UK11b china1a

Wow wow wow! David Garrett on New York Public Television 8th Apr UK10a

MARCH 2009

David Garrett brings out the depth of feeling in Bruch's Violin masterpiece 19th Mar UK9a

Canvas March

Ich Habe dich gesehen und es geschah und es gibt kein vergehen 6th March D5a


Italy, Como: David Garrett with the Orchestra 1813 8th February UK6a

Italy, Bologna: with Band and Züricher Kammerorchester 6th February I1a UK5a D4a

Switzerland, Zurich: David, Band and Züricher Kammerorchester 5th February D6a UK2a

Germany, Cologne (Köln) , David Garrett plays and conducts 1st February D7a UK7a

Point of view of a musician who toke part in a rehearsal with David ! 1st Feb D8a UK8a


David's Tour with his Band and Orchestra - January 2009

Lieber David 13th January 2009

Im Moment höre ich gerne Musik von David Garrett... 21 Dez 2008

Dresden, David played so much better... 21st November 2008 D2a UK4a

Berlin,I honestly have to say ...19th November 2008 UK38

Wuppertal, David garrett was fantastic, 17th November 2008 D38 UK1a

Lichtengel - poem

David at the Alte Oper, Frankfurt. November 15th 2008

David Garrett appearing in Eindhoven, Holland, October 26th 2008 

David Garrett and his Band at the Town Hall, Birmingham. October 11th 2008. 

David Garrett at The Proms in the Park, September 13th 2008 

Berlin, IFA, David Garrett's showcase @ Sony, 30th August 2008

David Garrett au Verbier Festival: pas seulement "virtuoso", 20 juillet 2008 F1

David-Report aus dem Festival-Verbier, 20 juli 2008 D1a

Verbier Festival , Hallo lieber David, 20 Juli 2008 D14a

Germany, Regensburg, Wieder mal hat es David geschafft! 17 Juli 2008 D3a

David Garrett in Italy, Florence: "davvero fantastico..magico" 16 Luglio 2008

Italy, Florence:"Es war ein wunderschöner Tag" 14 juli 2008 D13a

Italia, Firenze: "Il concerto è stato molto bello" 14th July 2008

David Garrett appearing at the Henley Festival, Oxfordshire, UK July 11th 2008.



David Garrett - ein phänomenaler Abend, Stuttgart, 19 Mai 2008

concert in Munich on Sunday 18th May 2008

he played beautifully 18 Mai 2008

Kölner Treff 17th May 2008

I just wanted say thank you to David Garrett , 15th May 2008

David Garrett in Dusseldorf, 14 Mai 2008

Classical Brit Awards 2008, 9th May 2008

He has come along in my 11year old daughters’ life, 08th May 2008


David garrett in Skopje, Macedonia, 17th April 2008

Hi David – I saw you on, 7th April

MY NAME IS... 5th April

David Garrett in London Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, 25th March 2008

GERMAN TOUR, München, Köln, Essen, Berlin 16 -17 - 18 - 19 März 2008

Hallo David, März 2008

David Garrett, guest of Jonathan Ansel at Hard Rock Cafe 4th March 2008

Lieber David, 2 März 2008 D12a

Valentine's Day at the Barbican, London, February 29, 2008

Davids performance was wonderful, Pennsylvania, Lewisburg 23th February 2008

David Garrett, a very Cool Violinst! February 16,2008

Valentine's Day at the Barbican, London, February 29, 2008

Davids performance was wonderful, Pennsylvania, Lewisburg 23th February 2008

David Garrett, a very Cool Violinst! February 16,2008

David Garrett - broken Stradivarius February 15, 2008

Caught by the Beauty: David Garrett February 2008

Valentines Day Love's Classics February 14, 2008

Hi David , 28th December 2007 D11a

Stern-TV am 19.12.2007 D9a

Classical spectacular, 1st December 2007

Classical Spectacular, November 23, 2007

Hallo David, ich wollte ... november 19, 2007 D10a

Prodigy Violinist : David Garrett October 14, 2007

David Garrett, o violinista alemão 13 outubro 2007 BR1

I'm in LOVE!!! October 3, 2007

EL MEU VIOLINISTA PREFERIT... 23 de agosto de 2007

HE IS REAL A GENIUS 5th August 2007

LOVE HIM! 16th July 2007

Showcase in Singapore: "Oosh!!!": 21th June 2007

Showcase in Hong Kong: April 16th 2007: "I am a little fan of David Garrett"- "I walked around Paragon" "Guess who I saw!"

Come non ricordare un’esperienza così entusiasmante!!! Italia, Terni, 1st April 2007 I2a

"David has this ability to unfold Beethoven’s sensibility and even sensuality..."Switzerland - Chateau Chillon 12th September 2006

Music always is something which has to accompany your heart..." Italy - Florence April 30th- 1st Mai 2006

"David Garrett, one of the most successful Paganini interpreter of today..." Japon - Osaka 24th March 2006

"It was the most beautiful music..." Mondavi Center 24th October 2004 -


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