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- FANS' NEWS - 2 -

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Classical Brit Awards 2008, 9th May 2008

He has come along in my 11year old daughters’ life, 08th May 2008

David garrett in Skopje, Macedonia, 17th April 2008

Hi David – I saw you on, 7th April

MY NAME IS... 5th April

David Garrett in London Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club, 25th March 2008

GERMAN TOUR, München, Köln, Essen, Berlin 16 -17 - 18 - 19 März 2008

Hallo David, März 2008

David Garrett, guest of Jonathan Ansel at Hard Rock Cafe 4th March 2008

Come non ricordare un’esperienza così entusiasmante!!! Italia, Terni, 1st April 2007 I

Lieber David, 2 März 2008 D4

Valentine's Day at the Barbican, London, February 29, 2008

Davids performance was wonderful, Pennsylvania, Lewisburg 23th February 2008

David Garrett, a very Cool Violinst! February 16,2008


23th February 2008

Pennsylvania, Lewisburg,

Bucknell University Weis Center;

Conductor: Gil Shohat

Israel Chamber Orchestra

MENDELSSOHN Violin Concerto


Davids performance was wonderful

We did go to the concert last evening and Davids performance was wonderful. My sons face was white and his eyes glazed as he watched David on stage.  We started on our trek to PA on Fri. morning, just as a huge snow storm was hitting our area and it followed us all the way to PA. Normally the trip would take about seven hours one way. It took us over nine hours. The roads were so bad I wondered if I was officially crazy for attempting it. Anyway, when we arrived at the theater the staff told us David would not be able to see Blake because he had to leave immediately afterward to do something back in New York. I still dont know if they ever really asked David if he would just briefly meet us so Blake could give him a gift bag, but I was a very frustrated, determined mother that had just driven nine hours in a snow storm and I was not taking no for an answer. To make a longer story short, we waited outside in the cold for David to come out to his car and he was kind enough to stop for a moment to shake our hand and Blake was able to give him the gift bag (Blake had put together some pics of himself and his brother playing violin and also put some chocolates in the bag.)

By the time we left we were drained from all the emotional ups and downs, but it was worth it in the end. Sorry, no pictures. I didnt want to seem intrusive, we had already pushed our boundaries. Hope this gives you an idea of our evening. Thanks again for all your input. I dont think we will ever travel that far to see him again but we wait for him to come to us.



Valentine's Day


For Valentine’s Day this year, Grace and I went to the Valentine concert at the Barbican, and saw a lot of wonderful performances of romantic classical music. We also got to see David Garrett for the second time. He is a truly virtuoso violinist, and despite the news that he broke his Stradivarius falling down the stairs at the Barbican, his performance was still amazing, and (I’m assured by Grace) equally as technically impressive as the time we saw him at the Albert Hall(...)

Steve, 29 february 2008

(source: http://steej-musings.blogspot.com/2008/02/valentines-day-who-is-st-valentine.html)

Lieber David ,

Du spielst so toll mach weiter so Fanthastisch !

Einfach nur Wahnsinn !

Doreen, 02/03/2008

Hi David – I saw you on the BBC morning news and fell in love with your music and style – I have your latest CD and converted my family too! 

My daughter gave up playing the violin at school and I hope she will listen to your music and start again…

Please please can you organise concerts in the UK – especially London – you must surely know that you have a great following here and I will travel to see you and to hear your music anywhere in the UK. 

Please do set-up a few concerts here in the UK – its rather mean to have seen you here in London but your are only playing at Henley and that’s not long enough for me.

Thanks David

Big Fan!!!!!!

7th April, Vibha









5th April, REENIE


25th March 2008 London

Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club


... He was brilliant.

I have only heard him playing classical in the past, so this was a new departure. I had been so envious of you all seeing him in the Virtuoso concerts - this was a real treat.

He played for 45 minutes, dressed in a grey suit jacket, dark jeans, brown boots and his black scarf. His hair is now truly blond and looks stunning. He was only a matter of feet away from our table and luckily I had a pillar to hide behind.....

He started with Czardas and then spoke to the audience

He said that is was a dream come true to play in such a famous place and that although he loves the concert halls, this was really his kind of place.

Then he went into the Carmen Fantasie, next Somewhere, where he sat down and made it more atmospheric

A version of Summer from Vivaldi's Four Seasons followed (but I preferred the way he played it in Birmingham with the orchestra personally.)

He spoke to the audience in English and certainly didnt seem nervous (...)

It is a very small jazz club and until just before he came on it was far from full.

We had a meal and were in the very front section. There must have been about 30 or so of us there. Later, it filled up and people arrived from the bar, we think.

After the Vivaldi, with drums, he invited Patrick - a young boy - onto the stage for Duelling Strings. Amazing, and then he did a new version of the Flight of the Bumble Bee. Personally I didnt like it, but then I am fussy. It had drums and guitar (...)

He then went on to Nothing Else Matters (my favourite) and it was breathtaking.

He claimed to be taking a break and chilling out, while the band played Summertime from Porgy and Bess, but he joined in and it was amazing. I love the lyrical quality of his playing.


After summertime he played a special request for someone called Natalie. It was the Sailors hornpipe - very fast and clever - one to watch

Next, of course, time for Zorba. I had been playing it on the ipod on the train on my way down to London and if he hadnt played it I think I would have been brave enough to call out a request (actually I am really too shy) Marvellous how fast and intricate that piece is - real virtuoso. We clapped of course, but he got even too fast for us.

Sadly, it had to come to an end. He asked if we knew Brahms (we told him we did, of course) and then the finale was the Hungarian Dance no 5. Brilliant again.

But as an encore, firmly requested by us all, he played a particular favourite of his from Haifetz (spelling?) Hora Staccato - a truly wonderful end to an amazing and life changing 45 minutes

(OK that is a bit over the top but I am sure you understand.)

Need a coffee or something stronger to recover(...)

Waiting for the next time





David started his Tour in Germany with Milana Chernyavska as a pianist and his band .

And it was successful.

The Press' quotes are very good.

And the fans have been absolutely delighted!

The program looked as an interesting "pot-pourri" between classical and modern music. A way to bring young people to classical music. It has been his challenge. The numerous classical pieces were beautiful and David as usual played without any score. Bravo!

The audience (of every age, as many male as female) was enthusiastic.

He played: La Califfa (Morricone) , Carmen (Bizet), O mio Babbino Caro (Puccini), Hungarian Dance No 5 (Brahms), Salut d'Amour (Elgar), Jeannie (Foster), English Man in New York, Duelling Strings, Music of the Night (Webber), March (Prokofiev) Elisa's Song (Garrett), Czardas (Monti) Zigeuerweisen (Sarasate) Summer (Vivaldi), Clair de Lune (Debussy), Hora Staccato (Heifetz), Somewhere (Bernstein), Danny Boy, Zorbas (Theodorakis), Summertimes (Gerswin) Nothing Else Matters (Metallica), Tocccata (Garrett), Dance of the Goblins (Bazzini)

Konzert 19. März 2008 Berliner Admiralspalast

Es war ein großartiges Konzert! Viele Grüße




Heute war es endlich soweit. Ich war bei einem Event im Admiralspalast, der mich wirklich glücklich gemacht hat. David weiß um seine Wirkung beim Publikum und genau das nutzte er um sich noch tiefer ins Gehirn zu bohren. Kaum das er auf der Bühne stand hatte er im Handumdrehen mit seiner lockeren, liebenswürdigen Art und Weise jeden - und ich meine wirklich jeden -  um den Finger gewickelt. Die Sympathie die er ausstrahlte gepaart mit seinem Können, musste einfach nur positive Energie freisetzten. Das Publikum lächelte bei der Musik genauso wie bei den Scherzen die er geschickt und spitzbübisch zwischen oder in die Stücke legte. Fasziniert lauschte ich den Stücken die dieser Mann professionell und doch locker auf seiner Geige dem Publikum schenkte. Endlich habe ich live miterleben können, wie sein Gesicht die Emotionen durchlebt. Pure Freude bei den lebendigeren Stücken und Leid bei den tiefergehenden. Seine "Toccata" ist so voller Power, das man kaum still sitzen kann. Herrlich solch ein Talent live erlebt haben zu dürfen. Es ist wohl klar, dass die Karten für den 15. Mai 08 im Tempodrom schon längst die meinen sind

Danke für diesen schönen Abend.

Bianca Vogelsang-Boettcher


source: http://www.littlemoon.net/serendipity/index.php?/authors/1-Bianca-Vogelsang-Boettcher


Köln, 18 März 2008

it was so fantastically...great, super cool.... He has spoken quite long with me...



Essen 17.03.2008 & Köln 18.03.2008

The stage was divided into two halves!

A grand piano stood on the left side

and on the right was the Band (guitar, keyboard and percussion)!

 19:59 the doors shut, 20:00 David and his Band enter the stage.

It goes on, at the minute exactly!

 David came on the stage with his charismatic smile, wearing very fashionable casual clothes for wear.

At the beginning 'La Califfa'... live. The acoustics of the Essen philharmonic concert hall

were brilliant. I was nonplussed! Creeps purely.

 Milena Chernyavska played the grand piano! She was elegant and classical in her long black dress;

she played first-class, but David was much better … they both fit very well.

 He was in a very good mood, told an anecdote to illustrate every piece,

joked, showed his tongue, he showed no sign of nervousness and

the completely captiveted his audience. He said: we would be allowed to let go … this we also did!!!

The audience was represented first-class, very mixed, all ages.

Many older people, some children and many between 30-50. I was surprised that however,

so many men were there, with her women, and also without!

 Before the break – “Zigeunerweisen”,

which was magical to perform that on the move. He went to the centre aisle and then down the stairs.

I did not know where I should look. The mood was fantastic.

Then break.

Then it went on, always alternately classical, pop, classical, pop.

Above all, in 'Nothing else matters' and 'Toccata' everyone has gone along.

His concert was a great success

and he received a standing ovation. The audience was swept off their feet. Everyone shouted “bravo!”.

It was fabulous! He gave three encores and this time he played a piece

from my favorite piece of Sarasate - „Spanish Dances“ and “The Flight of the Bumble Bee”.

We did not let him go, however so he gave a piece of J.S.Bach again.

He closed the eyes and was away .... just played the violin....

After the concert he gave autographs for an hour!

Poor David, he signed and wrote and there was no end! These were so many people...

He has written the names only on CD if children were there, with violins and mobile phones, absolutely sweet …

This guy is great and that doesn't even begin to describe how amazing David is, while watching his fingers move up and down along his violin.

Anyway David played really really well and didn't even seem to have to concentrate very hard.

In fact, it seemed like he was really just enjoying himself.



Essen - 17. März 2008

Wie kann ein Mensch alleine so perfekt und hot sein?!

Nach dem Konzert kam er mit einem verschmitzten Lächeln zur Autogrammstunde geschlufft, unglaublich sexy! (Ob ihm seine Wirkung auf Frauen bewusst ist? Man weiß es nicht genau.)

Habe mich wie 16 gefühlt, als ein Autogramm auf mein Programmheft bekam. Verdammt nochmal, wo hat er sich die ganze Zeit versteckt :) Verzaubert genoss ich das Konzert, welches sehr geil zusammen gestellt war und höre die CD sehr gerne, verbunden mit schönen Tagträumen :D


You can read the Press about this concert here


München, 16 März


Unser altes Zenith mal ganz anders.... bestuhlt, gediegenes Ambiente und noch gediegenere Gäste in dezent, dunklen Farbtönen gekleidet. Ausverkauft heißt die Devise, und das heißt im bestuhlten Fall ca. 2.300 Besucher. Es kommt einem schon etwas eigenartig vor, ist man doch dieses Venue eher als versieftes Schlachtfeld diverser Rockbands gewohnt, wo sich die Fans gegenseitig im stickig-dampfenden Hexenkessel zu Brei zerquetschen. Nicht so heute, und fürwahr, ist der Tempel doch mal richtiggehend erträglich.

Aber wer ist dieser David Garrett eigentlich, der momentan so gehyped wird? Geboren als Sohn eines deutschen Anwalts und einer amerikanischen Ballerina, lebt er seit seinem zehnten Lebensjahr in New York. Mit 4 Jahren begann er Geige zu spielen. Und mit 14 Jahren erhielt er seinen ersten Plattenvertrag bei der Deutschen Grammophon Gesellschaft. Ab 1999 besuchte er als einer der ersten Studenten die Meisterklasse von Itzhak Perlman an der Juilliard School of Music. Heute spielt er bei seinen Konzerten abwechselnd auf einer Violine von Antonio Stradivari aus dem Jahr 1710 und auf einer Violine von Giovanni Battista Guadagnini aus dem Jahr 1772, bis er die "Guadagnini" am 27. Dezember 2007 bei einem Sturz nach einem Konzert im Londoner Barbican unabsichtlich zerstörte. Ergo ist es wahrscheinlich die Stradivari, die er heute Abend da oben bearbeitet.

Kurz vor Showtime stehen wir am V.I.P Eingang zwecks Photocall, als ein schlacksiger, mindestens 1.90m großer, blonder Sunnyboy in Jeans und Parkerjacke aus einem Kleinbus steigt und fast aus Versehen schnurstracks in die Halle marschiert, anstatt in den Backstage Bereich., hätte man ihn nicht aufgehalten und umdirigiert. Er nimmt’s mit Humor und lacht über das ganze Gesicht. Sehr sympathisch ist David und ein absoluter Magnet für die holde Weiblichkeit.

Er stellt ein sogenanntes Bindeglied zwischen ernster Klassik, moderner Interpretation und Rockmusik dar. Er ist mit Mozart, Liszt und Beethoven aufgewachsen und  liebt Metallica und Marilyn Manson. Und er ist gerade dabei sich einen ganz großen Namen als klassischer Geiger zu machen. – 

Das Konzert beginnt um 20 Uhr, und, was soll man sagen, er kommt genauso auf die Bühne, wie er vorhin aus dem Bus gestiegen war, - in Jeans und Parkerjacke. Im Gegensatz zu seinen beiden Mitstreitern Giorgio Serci an Gitarre und John Haywood am Keyboard/Piano, die genau wie das Publikum entsprechend dem Ambiente in schwarz gewandet sind. – Vielleicht ist es aber gerade das, das ihn irgendwie liebenswert macht. Weiters wird David noch zeitweilig von Milana Chernyavsha am Klavier unterstützt und von Ben Bryant am Schlagzeug. Die Vorstellung besteht aus zwei Hälften mit einer Pause. Wobei es im ersten Teil mehr oder weniger klassisch-ernst vonstatten geht, und die zweite Hälfte eher ein Cross Over zwischen Klassik und Moderne darstellt. Pagani.... äh sorry....David hat’s wirklich drauf. Er spielt den Ungarischen Tanz Nr. 5  von Brahms genauso locker wie Bizets Carmen Suite oder den Hummelflug von Rimsky Korsakoff. Und Metallicas ‚Nothing Elser Matters’ auf einer Geige interpretiert, das müsst Ihr erst mal hören. Ist übrigens alles auf seiner neuen Cd 'Virtuoso' enthalten.  Zwischendurch gibt der schöne Mann immer wieder lustige Anekdoten in akzentfreiem Deutsch zum Besten, macht sich über seine Kollegen da oben on stage lustig nach dem Motto: „ich kann über die sagen was ich will, die verstehen ohnehin kein Wort unserer Sprache hier“. Aber auch sein Englisch zwischendurch, klingt amerikanischer als das eines Amis. Und das meine Lieben, kommt sehr gut an beim Publikum. 

Spielen tut er genauso gut wie er aussieht, und letzteres ist bestimmt kein Nachteil, sind doch etliche junge Mädels im Publikum zu erspechten. Zu allem Überfluss erscheint in der Pause auf der Leinwand im Hintergrund auch noch riesengroß das Angebot: „David Garrett gibt nach der Show noch Autogramme.“ – Auweia, das wird spät für unseren Sunnyboy heute Abend, auch wenn der musikalische Zauber bereits um 22 Uhr zu Ende ist. Abschließend gibt’s noch einen Blumenstrauß, den er stantepede ins Publikum befördert, um hinterher noch eine Zugabe zu spielen. Das is’ es denn auch mit dem postmodernen Violin Concerto. Die Signierstunde krieg’ ich nicht mehr mit, denn man möchte noch vor der breiten Masse aus dem Parkplatz flüchten.

Übrigens für diejenigen, die David Garrett diesmal nicht live erlebt haben, Ihr könnt dies am 18 Mai, dann in der Philharmonie, nachholen.

(fonte: http://www.musicmirror.de/reviewsarchiv305.htm)


Hallo David,

ich habe vor ungefähr einem Jahr die Liebe zur Klassischen

Musik entdeckt.

In diesem Zeitraum war mein Leben in einem kompletten

Umbruch, ich bin ruhiger und gelassener gewoden und die

Musik war für mich Entspannung, nein ich würde sogar sagen

wenn ich solche Töne höre bin ich in einer anderen

Welt...natürlich nur für den Moment.

Musik verbindet Seelen miteinander..und als ich deine Musik

das erste Mal hörte, kam es mir vor als würde ich dich

schon ewig kennen.

Die Melodie trug mich fort an einem anderen Ort, weg von

Hektik und Alltag...

..ein wunderbares Gefühl..Worte vermögen es nicht zu

beschreiben..was in einem solchen Moment geschieht....

Manuela, 18 März 2008


16 März - David Garrett in München

Am 16. März spielte David Garrett in der Zenith-Halle in München. Als ich gegen 18:40 (Konzert begann um 20:00, Einlass ab 19:00) zur Halle kam, wartete bereits eine beeindruckend lange Schlange von mehr als einer Hallenlänge. Die ersten Zuhörer waren schon um 17:30 gekommen, um bei freier Platzwahl einen guten Platz in einer der ersten Reihen zu ergattern. Das lohnte sich vor allem für diejenigen, die zum Mittelgang hin saßen, weil Garrett im Verlauf des Konzerts mehrmals die Bühne verließ und im vorderen Bereich des Mittelgangs spielte.

Die Akustik war überraschend gut (man hatte mich gewarnt): glasklarer Sound, gut ausgesteuert und endlich mal nicht zu laut. Das Publikum: sehr gemischt, von ca. 6 Jahren bis zu ca. 76 Jahren war alles dabei. Was die Garderobe anging, machte man es am besten wie David Garrett selbst: Jeans, Stiefel, Pullover - fast alle behielten ihre Mäntel an, und die kleinen Klappstühlchen waren eher unbequem. (Wer es bequemer und “gediegener” will: für den 18.5. wurde ein Zusatzkonzert in München in der Philharmonie angesetzt.) Die kulinarische Überraschung des Abends war ein ausgezeichneter Latte Macchiato aus dem Automaten.

Das Geigenspiel: wie erwartet meisterhaft. Wunderbar warmer, voller Klang aus der Stradivari, perfekte Technik (besonders schön: die zarten Flageolet-Töne) und Bühnenshow - Garrett wirkt jungenhaft-charmant und erobert das Publikum über sämtliche Altersklassen hinweg, auch wenn er sich mit seiner Ansprache hauptsächlich an die Jüngeren richtete, denen er die einzelnen Stücke erklärte (”Kennt hier jemand außer mir Pumuckl?”). Unterstützt wurde der junge Meistergeiger von einer hochkarätigen Combo aus zwei Pianisten (Milana Chernyavska und John Haywood), einem Gitarristen (Giorgio Serci, der auch mit einem Solostück glänzen durfte) und einem Schlagzeuger (Ben Bryant). Das Programm: bunt gemischte gefällige und wohlbekannte Melodien (von Vivaldi und Debussy über Prokofiev und Sarasate bis hin zu Gershwin und Metallica, außerdem Eigenkompositionen), die ihn Gefahr laufen lassen könnten, in die Nähe von André Rieu gerückt zu werden. Aber vielleicht ist das nur eine Phase, genau wie die bis zu den Knien hängende Rapper-Jeans. item4

23 März 2008, http://caipi.limone.de/index.php/2008/03/23/david-garrett-in-muenchen/



4th March 2008

UK, London

David Garrett, guest of Jonathan Ansel at Hard Rock Cafe


I was at Hard Rock Cafe yesterday for charity event  

Jonathan Ansell was the ''main artist'' and David was support artist

This was first time I seen him perform and he was fantastic and Im going to buy his album when it comes out

it is me, 5th March 2008


I am a massive Jonathan Ansell fan and he was at Hard Rock Cafe to do charity event forNordoff Robbins Music Therapy - the UK’s leading independent provider of music therapy services

I had no idea on who would be supporting Jonathan

I think it was last min thing as David had just flown in to UK

What did he play well your guess good as mine as I was ready very excited about seeing Jonathan and my memory like a seive  .

All that I can recall  

David did play Flight of the Bumble Bee and played from Carmen.and something from a film which he rearranged

All of which was very enjoyable

Sorry that I am not lot of help

Once David started to play I knew I was seeing a great musician.

Jonathan has new album out Tenor at the movies and if you listern to track number 9 he has got David playing the violin

When David finished his set there was break then Jonathan came on

I would of loved to got David autograph but by time Jonathan had finished David had gone

I did get Jonathan's autograph,I have met Jonathan before but each time is magic for me.

I do hope when Jonathan has his tour I do hope David will join him

How many people  my guess 50- plus  not massive audiance

Most are standing with people seating at the back of HRC that could not stand

Age group arranged from I say teenagers up to people of 60 years or so

Some dressed nicely,some casual clothes

David got very good reception

it is me, 6th March 2008



Also, David Garrett was also there as his support act. What a treat that was!! Would be lovely to see him and Jonathan perform together sometime. Might go and buy his album when it comes out later this month.

Marian X

(source: http://www.classicalx.com/ftopicp-15591.html)

Jonathan Ansell's fansite

© marian x


April 1st 2007
Teatro Verdi,
Conductor: Nino Lepore
Ensemble della Scala Orchestra
FELIX MENDELSSOHN: Concerto in Re minor for piano, violin and strings.
pianist: Massimiliano Ferrati


I1 Come non ricordare un’esperienza così entusiasmante!!!

Mi chiamo Tamara ho 31 anni e vi scrivo da una piccola città in umbria, terni, nella quale non mi sarei mai immaginata di poter incontrare un talento cosi sorprendente,

un musicista cosi appassionato come David Garret!!

Il primo aprile del 2007 la mia città ha avuto l’onore di ospitare un suo concerto accompagnato al piano dal Maestro Massimiliano Ferrati;

tra l’altro io ero in attesa della mia bambina, precisamente all’ottavo mese….abbiamo ascoltato tra le altre cose, il concerto in re minore per violino pianoforte e orchestra d’archi di Mendelssohn.

E’ stata una grandissima emozione, per me e mio marito e soprattutto per la piccola nella mia pancia che non ha smesso un attimo di muoversi animatamente  per le 2 ore di concerto.

Io ho sempre ascoltato molto volentieri musica classica anche e soprattutto in gravidanza e anche lei è una piccola intenditrice soprattutto del suono del violino.

Ho visitato il sito ufficiale di David Garret per vedere se il suo tour toccasse l’Italia e soprattutto luoghi vicini alla mia città, ma purtroppo il nostro paese è poco amante del bello e fino al 18 maggio

L’Italia non e’ prevista ….

Ho anche cercato in internet il concerto che abbiamo ascoltato suonato da lui , ma non esiste …. Mi spiace molto…chissa se qualcuno di voi sa darmi qualche buona notizia  a riguardo??

Tamara, il 15 Aprile 2008 (dopo un anno!!!)


© Tamara


17th April 2008
Macedonian Philharmonic Orchester
Conductor: Borjan Canev
ELGAR: Violin Concerto


Hi everyone,

 I am very impressed from David concert also.

He does not have only outside beauty that makes a image of a pure heaven inside of me, but his inner beauty and his angel sound is so unique and pure that makes me worship this young god and accept him the way that he is.

thanks God for making David the way he is, and thanks God for the oportunity to let us, the ordinary people to hear and enjoyed the sound of heaven throught David performance.

...only the sky is the limit...

I'am not a musician. I'am someone who loves and enjoyes good music, especially live performances.

About David performance, yes it was a music for the soul and eyes only!...it was kind of beautiful and spiritual experience....

I think he has kind of therapeutical note for the audience..

So, everybody don’t take drugs go and listen to David performing miracules!!!  

Heal yourself with MUSIC!!!

Love to all

dragonfly, 21st April 2008



David you are amazing!!!!! I'm still under impression of the concert in Skopje, one week ago...we were all so excited about your comming to Macedonia...

As a mucisian myself (a pianist) I want to say that I haven't heard such a performance for a long time, the sound of every single note; concentration, devotion from the beginning to the very end! You have achieved what you've said that is most important for a musician - your sound and stile are unique!!!! That's exactly what I most respect when it comes about music taste. I totally admire you!

An interesting moment, while I was sitting in the audience and listening the concerto; a thought ran through my mind: "I would realy want to hear the sound of him playing Bach (my favorite)"...The concerto ends, applause going on, he returns to the stage for the encore, saying that he's about to play Bach - andante! I couldn't believe it, it was magical moment!

I went backstage and told him that especially Bach I liked very much!

- Stay the way you are (so special), your music is my inspiration in creating mine! I feel you close by the way your spirit breathes through the music!


Ana, 25th April 2008


© ana




First of all…..thanks for the web site but most of all thanks to David Garrett.

He has come along in my 11year old daughters’ life, like a real burst of Reality and Inspiration for her.

She plays the violin……..not as much as David did or anything, but it is just so great to be able to play it and she was going through a rough patch of wanting to give it up…..thanks to Davids’ brilliant works in Virtuoso, she is now keener than ever.

She admires him tremendously for all the hard work he does and is back on track.  Hopefully one day we will be able to meet him.

Thanks…..Have a Good Day

8th may 2008, Yvonne


Classical Brit Awards 2008

Friday, 9th May 2008


The second more traditional performance came from the unusual two violin and guitar piece performed by David Garrett, Valeriy Sokolov and Xuefei Yang. It had a level of Garrett flair with a totally pointless section where he fell to his knees, I'm not sure why... I can't imagine it made the playing any easier. They are however an undeniably talented young trio and were a pleasure to listen to. Solo guitarists are a rare breed and that's probably a little unfair since the instrument makes a lovely noise so this was a welcome addition to the programme.

Posted by The Teenage Theatre Critic , http://tttcritic.blogspot.com/2008/05/classical-brit-awards-2008.html


I was lucky enough to be able to attend the Classical Brit Award last night

Congratulations to David for his wonderful performance of Pablo de Sarasate's "Navarra" with violinist Valeriy Sokolov and guitarist Xuefei Yang.

This was a wonderful event and David looked so happyand gorgeous with his beautiful girlfriend.

I can recommend this wonderful occasion at the Royal Albert Hall every year. If you sit in the stalls you are quite close to where the guests and artists have dinner and can share in the informal but glittering atmosphere (dress code is Lounge suit and cocktail dresses)

We must make sure we vote for David if he is nominated next year - and please come over to the UK for this splendid occasion. I assure you it is worth every penny.



what an amazing night!

I had the pleasure of seeing and chatting a little to David when he arrived for rehersal.

I managed to get my pic taken with him and one of him on the move which is quite good as his manager said we have to go and I said I will take a pic on the move and David said on the move  . I also got my album signed.

He was such a pleasure to see him and he was so nice.

I was at the red carpet when he arrived on the back of a motorbike, I took a couple pics but a silly official photographer got in the way .

You can see pics of the Classical Brits here including one of David


Thanks for the review Tabitha

David, Valeriy and Xuefei were amazing playing together, I just wish David had been able to give us a solo performance, but any performance is better than none.

I thought they may have asked him to play on hisown because Nigel Kennedy was not playing.

I did get a couple of pics they are quite dark but i will try and see if I can do anything with them over the weekend.

Yes I have attended the Classical Brits a few times and it is a great event, but i have to say that last night was by far the best.


PS. I forgot to say that I know David got some new fans last night as some of my friends really enjoyed his performance and also after just chatting to people who had never heard of him before last night enjoyed seeing him perform...

source: http://bb02.sov.uk.vvhp.net/davidg/YaBB.pl?num=1207693282


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