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- FANS' NEWS - 14 -

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Tour in US - February - March - April 2010

Ft. Lauderdale, FL: they played wonderfully April 7

Clearwater, FL: where during playing a bow string breaks! April 6

Nashville, TN: seeing him perform takes it to another level! April 3

Bethesda, MD: brillant fingerwork! March 31

Harrisburg, PA: wonderful! March 30

Monclair, NJ: He ROCKED!!!March 28

Concord, NH: Come back soon!!!!!! March 27

Collingswood, NJ: Ooooh La La…World’s Fastest German-American Violinist… March 24

Chicago, : DAVID was fantastic! March 17, 18, 19

San Diego and Anaheim: A California Dreamin’ Road Trip for Fellow Forum Girls, Feb 28

Anaheim : Paganini, Bernstein, Jackson, Zeppelin, ACDC, Humoresque, simply amazing, Feb 26

Portland, I am emotionally drained! Feb 24 UK

Seattle, Feb 22 & 23 UK1

Oprah Show, Feb 22 UK2

Hartford, CT - Performance @ The Bushnell, Two Standing Ovations! Feb 19 UK3


MARCH 2010

Chicago, March 17, 18, 19

DAVID was fantastic!

(...) the concert was fantastic or better yet, DAVID was fantastic.(...) When he walked in playing Carmen ....WOW and then went up onto the stage and walked to where we were sitting and still playing Carmen..........HE LOOKED ME RIGHT INTO MY EYES and held them there for a few seconds.......WE MADE EYE CONTACT, YES Anyway I will write more when I wake up in the morning. He did play a new piece for us tonight that the band has be practicing for the new album. It's a Paul McCartney song "Live and let die" done in a David version. I did enjoy it but sometimes the drums made it where I couldn't hear the violin as much as I wanted.(...)

Diane, source: official forum


this Chicago concert was the best

When the doors did open, we were able to go to the front and get seats just to the right of stage center. It's the perfect place to see David perform. At 7:30, he came from the back of the theatre playing Carmen. It was just beautiful! Everyone was so excited to see him. There was such a mix of ages and everyone was in such a great mood. (How could you not be in a great mood when you are seeing David perform live!)

He played many of the same songs that he had performed in Baton Rouge, but the concert did have some differences. In Chicago, he played Paul McCartney's "Live and Let Die" and for St. Patrick's Day, he played "Danny Boy." He also seemed more energized at the Chicago conert. I'm sure that had to do with the fact that he had said he had a 4 am wakeup call for the Oprah Show the same day as he was performing in Baton Rouge. So he didn't get in to Baton Rouge until around 4 pm and that show was the first show of this concert tour.  The mix of the instruments was much better in Chicago. In Baton Rouge, the drums were really loud!

Anyway this Chicago concert was the best. The crowd, the acoustics, David's performance and his energy made for an unbelievable time. The fact that we had such great seats meant we could see the passion with which he plays his music. I loved "Summertime" and Paganini's "Carnival of Venice," but who could resist the "Pirates of the Caribbean" and when he played "Danny Boy," I was just mesmerized.  I also loved "Chelsea Girl,"  "Air" and Vivaldi's "Winter" and "Summer". So many wonderful pieces. It's hard to pick favorites.

 Sandy, source: official forum


another awesome show

I have just returned from tonight's concert and it was another awesome show. (...) David performed almost the same songs as he had performed the night before, but I thought the audience was even more into the concert than on Wednesday. Also, the sound was even better than the night before. Kudos to Park West as they do have wonderful acoustics. David and his band seemed to really be enjoying themselves. He and Marcus, the guitar player, play so well together. David tells the same stories between songs, but he always makes the stories a little different so they are still very entertaining. He is so charismatic on stage. The audience was enthralled! Plus he said how much he loves Chicago! Let's hope for 3 concerts when he returns to Chicago in the future!

Unfortunately, David did not play "Danny Boy" again as he had on St. Patrick's Day. I will always remember David's interpretation of this song as it was lovely.

The thing that was strange was the single encore. He had played 2 encores at the previous 2 shows that I had attended, but tonight he only came back for one ("The Flight of the Bumblebee.") I don't blame David for only playing one encore, but I do blame the audience. This audience had really seemed into David's music, more so than the night before, but after the one encore, most of the audience was no longer clapping. Instead they were getting ready to leave so, of course, David was not coming out again. We talked to a few people who worked at Park West and they said that normally they have a younger crowd who keep clapping for more encores and then the performer does come out and do additional encores. So we missed out on hearing David perform "Somewhere." Hopefully the audience on Friday will encourage him to do the 2 encores.

The concert still was so great! I am amazed at how talented David is. He makes it all look so easy and yet you know that what he does on stage as a musician is anything but easy. It has taken years of training and years of practice to become the virtuoso known as David Garrett. He has a God-given talent, but he has worked hard to develop that talent. I have gone to many concerts in my life, but there is nothing like seeing David perform live.

 Now, I am getting ready to attend one more concert in Chicago. Friday night should be another great concert! (...)

 Sandy, source: official forum


Music is a vacation from the world

We have just returned from the 3rd DG concert. Wow! Three days of seeing David and listening to his beautiful music! How can I return to the real world? I think David said "Music is a vacation from the world" and he is so right(...)

We ended up in the first row again with wonderful seats!

The concert was another great concert. I feel like I only use superlatives when I describe these concerts, but it is so true. You are in another world when you are at one of David's concerts. He is so talented and he is so charismatic that the stories and songs always seem fresh. It is such a privilege to hear him play in person. He played the same songs, but I never get tired of hearing him and watching him play. Everytime that you see him play, you notice something new. He is so into his music. He puts his heart and soul into these concerts. And his band is great too! They truly complement each other. I really enjoy David's interaction with his guitar player, Marcus. When they play "Dueling Strings" together, it is phenomenal!

The audience was very much into the concert tonight and they even clapped enough so that we were able to hear two encores: "The Flight of the Bumblebee" and the very beautiful "Tonight." David and his keyboard player, John, performed "Tonight." It is so beautiful (I know that I already said that, but it does bear repeating.) It is one of my favorite songs and I am so glad that he performed it at this last Chicago concert of 2010.

After the show, we did meet Karen and her fiance. It was so nice to meet them. It turned out that they were sitting just a little behind us. We were able to talk for just a short time, but hopefully we will see them at future concerts.

The only slightly disturbing thing that occurred was during the second half of the concert. We could hear some type of disturbance going on in the back of the theater. I don't know if some guy was yelling or what, but you could hear something going on and then it was over. I talked to a Security person after the show and he said there was some person who had to be escorted out. Fortunately, it was taken care of right away. I was really impressed with the people who work at Park West. They are all friendly, but very professional.

While I was talking to the Security person after the show, David happened to walk by. I was in a daze, but I did manage to say "Great show."

Sandy, source: official forum


Blown away by the March 17th concert at Part West !

 Please lower the sound of the drums....I cannot hear the violin with the drums being so loud !!!

 I thank you and future concert goers thank you !!!!



Collingswood, NJ , March 24

Ooooh La La…World’s Fastest German-American Violinist…

Lars and Doerte my friends from Germany introduced me to David Garrett’s music back in November and sent me a Live DVD for my birthday! (...)

If you haven’t had the pleasure of seeing David Garret he truly is a must see violinist!

Right after the intermission someone was tapping on my shoulder. Oh I don’t think they wanted you to take photos or videos so I put my camera away… Then someone came back and said “NO bring your camera with you”… So I got up and followed the guy off to the side who was an actual police officer asking me if I was taking videos. I said no just pictures. He said “NO videos and NO photos and was very stern and mean… He almost wanted me to delete what was on my camera in front of him. Oh my mind was racing as I took four videos and wanted to share them with my friends. He repeated himself and again “No videos and No photos” and told me ok and that I could go back to my seat to enjoy the rest of the show… Thanks Mr. Police Officer for making for me feel oh so warm and cozy in Collingswood as my heart was racing the rest of the show… Let’s not forget they did not have any signs posted anywhere that stated NO Videos or No Photos so Katie turned her display off on her camera and continued taking photos and videos for us…

Thank you PBS for bringing his tunes and talent close to Philadelphia/New Jersey for us!

source: irelandmar08



Concord, NH, March 27

You were wonderful, in Concord New Hampshire. USA!!!,    Come back soon!!!!!!    Love,  



Monclair, NJ, March 28


If you weren’t at the Wellmont Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey on Sunday, March 28, you missed one hell of a show! David Garrett, the German-born, Juliard-trained violinist, came to town and did something I wasn’t convinced a violinist could do. He ROCKED.

Garrett opened the show with a processional down the center aisle, playing effortlessly as he walked. Donning a relaxed pair of jeans, button-down, tie and blazer with a casual ponytail, the guy looked every bit as good as he sounded. Garrett’s energy immediately had the audience reeling. (I need to mention that this was the most diverse audience I had ever seen at the Wellmont. You had everyone from the little old lady dressed for the Sunday matinee to cougars dressed for the opera, hipsters, kids and married folk.) It was an eclectic mix, to be sure, and for two hours on one Sunday night we were all dancin’ to the beat of the same drum. Or violin, as the case may be.

The set was full of energy. David effortlessly played the classics (such as “Summer” by Antonio Vivaldi) and completely blew the audience away with his own arrangements of rock hits such as Metallica’s “Nothing Else Matters” and AC/DC’s “Thunderstruck.” He had the entire audience chanting “Thunder!” as they opened the piece. The band he brought with him was also a seriously talented crew. He met his keyboardist in London six years ago and they’ve been playing together ever since. The other fellas were New Jersey’s own talent. What a dynamic it brought to the stage, seeing a virtuoso violinist backed by a serious rock band with major classical training. Between songs, we got to see a little of Garrett’s personality. This is a witty, humble (as humble as you can be when you played with the London Symphony at age eight) and humorous guy who, in his own words, “just loves seeing and being a part of the way music can unite all types of people.”

The highlight of the show came when Garrett was explaining the next piece he was about to perform with a little story on how he chose to arrange it for violin. According to Garrett, he’s sitting in his New York City studio apartment one Saturday afternoon, flipping through the channels when he landed on VH1’s “Top 50 Rock Guitar Riffs.” Of course he caught the show at number 49, so he grabbed his snuggie (insert oohs and aahs from every girl in the audience) and settled in to watch. The number one rock guitar riff was Led Zeppelin’s “Kashmir,” which happened to be one of the songs Garrett had always dreamed of arranging for violin. Although it was a great challenge, he went to work and what he came up with was nothing short of awesome. The tune lent itself well to the smooth whine of his Stradivarius (another word for a three century-old, $1 million+ violin) and his band filled in the blanks. It was, just as his other arrangements, a succesful merging of Rock and Classical without getting cheesy and cliche.

In short, the next time this incredible talent comes to town, you owe it to yourself to be there. It’ll definitely be different than what you’re used to, and you’ll walk out humming, feeling energized, and completely impressed.

*By Nicole, who is lusting after the outside. Can you even do that?

source: planetverge.com


Short review of the Montclair concert b/c it is after midnight and I am very tired.  But I can tell you that MONCLAIR, NJ LOVED DAVID AND DAVID LOVED MONTCLAIR..........He even said he would love to come back again to Montclair.  I saw DG in fall of 09 in Trenton NJ and New York City and  its my opinion that DG and band seemed soo much more relaxed to me at  this concert.  I don't think that David ever stopped smiling.  Except of course when we was playing.  It was basically all the songs everyone heard this leg of the tour in the USA and the same story's but with slightly different variations.  The crowd was extremely receptive to him and he had a good time exchanging words with some people in the audience.  Someone yelled WE LOVE YOU DAVID. And the biggest smile came across his face and he said "thank you.  It was sweet.  He bantered back and forth with a few people in the first row and it was nice to watch the interaction with the audience.  I had great seats, 4th row, center on the end so I got to see him and the band very close and saw everything that everyone writes about David that see him up close when he plays in person.  All the emotions.  He seemed very happy and healthy and I say that b/c it looks to me like he might have gain a little weight and it looked good on him - I didn't get to take any pics.  A staff member was sitting right next to me on the steps at the stage so I didn't want to "break" the rules.   

I know they had  a type of problem in the back of the Threatre with someone,  which by the way was an old Movie House converted to a concert hall.  A small venue.  A perfect place to see DG b/c ALL seats are good.  I had a conversation with the staff member on the steps (lol) and she said the best seats where in the lst row balcony.  Sound, distance, etc.  She said it was great up there. Not sure what happend but I heard someone talking rather loudly and some kind of commotion and my son said he didn't know what happend just that some was escorted out......oh my........

On funny story was David asking Marcus about the origin of the Italian song he was about to play (Voliare) I know I just butchered the spelling on that  and Marcus said he thinks it originated in "South Jersey"so of course that got a good laugh (after the fact) b/c the song hadn't started yet.

I saw Marcus in the front of the Threatre before the concert started and would have spoken very briefly to him just to let him know what an excellent guitar player he is and was looking forward to hearing him play but he was talking to someone and then someone said my name and that was the beginnning and the end of my conversation with Marcus.lol.  But the person who called my name was frambuesa and what a sweetheart she is.  She was with her boyfriend and they made the cutest couple.  Both of them so very, very attractive and they were sooo nice.  They are having a good time in the states (they are from Germany).  They had somewhat of a hard time getting to the Threatre b/c our public transportation is not as good as Europe or even NYC but she wrote me all ready tonite and said getting back was easier.  So I hope they have a good time for the rest of the trip.  It was a pleasure meeting both of them and I gave the some tips on what to do in NYC.

(...)Well, I wrote more than I thought.  Now my dream is to see David with an orch.....................Respectfully submitted (lol) 

Shalimar , source: official forum


Harrisburg, PA, March 30


Wow! This concert was wonderful. The music was played to perfection and the way David connected to the audience was wondeful. I appreciated the stories about his personal life and the stories behind the selections he played. He plays with heart and soul. He has a wonderful gift and is an inspiration to young people.

Melonie, source: official forum


Bethesda, MD, March 31

brillant fingerwork!


great show overall. David was all smiles, although I do think he looked a little tired for the first set. (I'm actually wondering if he's starting to get a little bit of a cold, his breathing sounded a little stuffy at times). After the intermission he seemed a little more peppy.

As far as music goes - it's pretty much the same set list as the one from Heather's post so I won't repeat it here, but we *did* get a 3rd encore, so yay us. LOL. And the rock version of Flight of the Bumblebee was *perfect*. I hadn't heard that one before and it was really nice.

Everyone seemed to have a good time - there was a good mix of fans, although the classical fans seemed a little lost during more of the rock stuff, but I think that's pretty typical. (And on a fun note, there was a row of little girls sitting behind us and when David played "Air", they were humming along. It was really very cute.)  There was a four year old girl in the front with us too and David came over that way several times and seemed to play for her. Very sweet.

Lots of musical banter between Marcus and David. They really seem to have a good time on stage. (Quite the "bromance", as my husband pointed out. LOL)

 There were a couple of sound snafus, though. At the beginning of the first set when David came walking down the aisle, they sorta had to restart it because his violin mic wasn't coming through. And during "Little Wing", where the band had a chance to play, he disappeared back stage for a few minutes, but then you could actually hear him warming up over the rest of the band for about 30 seconds.

I didn't really get any pictures this time - and the ones I did get turned out very blurry. (I'm waiting to see if my husband had any better luck, but might be a day or so).  And unfortunately, even though I was in the front row, I did have an obstructed view at times because of that music stand of his. He moved around enough (and I've seen him in concert before), so it wasn't that big a deal to me, but the guy next to me was really pissed off about it. When David sat down, he was pretty much completely blocked out by the thing. I know there's not much we can do here to get him to change it, but it does seem kinda irritating to pay that much for tickets up close and then end up missing some of the brillant fingerwork.

mynfel , source: official forum


Nashville, TN: April 3

seeing him perform takes it to another level!

(...)David was performing in the Polk Theater which seats 1,003 people. (...) The concert was to start at 7:30, but by 7:15 the theater was still pretty empty. We were thinking where is everybody? The concert started a few minutes late. I guess people get to their seats at the last minute. Even then, there still were empty seats including empty seats in the first row of the pit! Pretty strange.

But then the lights were dimmed and David started walking down the steps by our seats playing "Carmen." It was awesome. He looked great- tanned and relaxed. The concert consisted of the same playing list as Chicago and Baton Rouge. Mike and I agreed that the acoustics were really good and the overall concert was the best of the ones that we have attended. (The only thing that was better about Chicago and Baton Rouge was that we had first row seats!) The audience loved him especially when he played "Dueling Banjos" and "Summertime."

We have attended 5 of his concerts now and I am really amazed at the energy level of David and his band. David always makes the audience feel so special and he always gives such a great performance. He adds little things to his stories (He mentioned that his Mom was originally from Nashville.) and you can see the improvising that he and Marcus do. We come out of his concerts feeling energized and so up. It's great. I love listening to his music, but seeing him perform takes it to another level.

He also did the two encores "Flight of the Bumblebee" and "Somewhere." The audience would have kept clapping for a third encore, but the house lights went on after"Somewhere," probably because he had a meet and greet after the concert. Unfortunately, we didn't have tickets for the meet and greet. I still have not attended a meet and greet (Heather, I loved your story!), but the concerts are the best! I hope that everyone on the forum gets to see David perform in person. You will never forget what you have seen.

 (...)After the show, we took our time leaving and when we went outside, we saw the famous Blue Bus. We ended up seeing David come out and Mike was able to take a few pictures of David with some fans. David has got to be tired after his concert so we didn't want to disturb him by asking for autographs or pictures, but it still was nice that Mike got a few photos. (...)

All in all, this concert was awesome!  How can David keep performing at this level when he has such a demanding schedule? I hope that he is able to take some time off so that he doesn't burn himself out. In the meantime, I hope that his fans really appreciate how much he gives during his performances (I know that the forum members do appreciate him!) and that we all get to see him play in person!

 Sandy, source: official forum


Yes, I made it in time to Nashville, hurray! Both flights were overall calm only a few bumps here and there and during takeoff and landing and when I finally got here, the weather was wonderful. 70F a light breeze and .....colors!!! Trees are blooming and green pastures, well just summer.

(...) we got to the venue which is located just around the corner from my hotel, and yes there was a big blue bus standing at the stage entrance we happened to pass. And while we were approaching the door opened and a guy was standing at the steps holding the door open and  talking to someone, maybe from the venue or something. No one of the band, but I guess it might have been the tour manager. So I thought, this is my chance to hand over the little Easter-sweets-nests I had brought with me. Said, done.

(...) then I picked up my ticket at the box-office and had to find out (being shocked about the fact a little) that the concert wasn't sold out.??? Very strange!


Like Sandy already posted (you are really quick, lol) ist was one of the best concerts I've seen so far (crossover, yes, I still do separate them from the pure classical ones, lol) and this time I liked most Summertime, Ain't No Sunshine, Volare, Nothing Else Matters, Live and Let Die and probably Rock Toccata. A lot of fun were the ultimate Czardas getting faster and faster each time I hear it, lol and an extremly rocking Flight of the Bumblebee.

Having the (in my opinion) best seat possible in the house less than 6m away and almost at eyelevel, it was even more disappointing not to be able to take any pictures. Darn!

Anyway, the soundbalance was good and it seemed they were having a real good time on stage as well.

(...).........to be continued.

EIBEE, source: official forum




Clearwater, FL, April 6

where during playing a bow string breaks


We all had good views of the stage and the music stand was not in the way. Unfortunately they announced that we were not allowed to take pictures during the show and they meant it! They walked around flashing light in peoples faces and telling them to put the cameras away….so at least I got photos of inside the venue before they started that. The crowd was mostly older in age, but with enough diversity of younger folks to make it a good time.

Now back to the concert…the venue was pretty full, only a few seats here and there were empty. As we get settled, Marcus comes down the aisle and pats me on the shoulder and tells me to enjoy the concert. Now this is there the fun begins. The head of Ruth Eckerd hall comes out and welcomes us to the show. He is short like me and has trouble getting the microphone down to talk since it’s set up for David and his tall self. Then the mic isn’t turned on, so starts the technical difficulties….

After that is said and done, the lights dim and the band comes on stage. We turn our seats because we know we David is coming from…the back theater. He is wearing his blue/black checked s.Oliver shirt, a black vest, blue jeans, studded belt, and black boots. We watch him stroll down the aisle, pausing midway, while playing Carmen. Lucky EIBEE, she was the closest to him during this time. He makes his way onstage and finishes the song. So the concert goes on and David plays Who Wants to Live Forever, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Air. He tells his stories in between and the audience is quite receptive. Then comes Czardas, where during playing a bow string breaks and he pauses to pull it off and then goes back to playing. We all got a little laugh out of that but it doesn’t really phase him at all. Then we have Nothing Else Matters and after that a new song from his upcoming album…we get Live and Let Die. It was amazing and very well done. If this was what have to look forward to in the next album, it is sure to be a great success. After that is Summertime, with the Sub-zero fridge story, and Hungarian Dance. Then comes Rock Prelude with Jeff Lipstein’s drum solo and Marcus’s technical difficulties with one of his guitars. Don’t worry they got that fixed quite quickly. Then it was on to Smooth Criminal and then to Intermission where they got a standing ovation. David was like, “It’s okay folks, we are coming back, it’s just intermission.”

At intermission, we all grouped up again and talked about the sound balance. The drums were a little loud and times it was hear David’s violin. We also visited more with EZ, our security friend who reminded us about heading out behind the theater after the show. We talked about what a great time that we were having and how energetic the guys seemed. Then it was time to Facebook and tease you guys about the concert and not give anything away. Mean, I know. Lol

Then the lights go down and the concert continues. We listen to Vivaldi’s Summer, Ain’t No Sunshine, and then to Dueling Banjos. David talked of how he that the song was more well received in Germany but hoped it went over well here. It did. Then he went on to Chelsea Girl and talked of how it was written for an ex-girlfriend, and every body wed for him. One girl called out Woo-hoo when he talked of his ex, and he pointed into the audience and said it wasn’t that girl. I think she was just happy to hear that he was single. Lol. He then said that he was only playing this for therapy. Next was Volare, where David asked Marcus to introduce the next number and he said, “We’re going to Italy.” Short, sweet, and to the point. Lol. Next was Rock Toccata, where they definitely rocked it. Then David announced that the band was going to do their own piece but he was going to start with them, so we got Little Wing. David came back out when that was over and played Carnival de Venice, which the audience seemed to greatly enjoy. Then we got our Classical Romance with Humoresque. Then the Snuggie nd guitar riff story for Kashmir. Then they played Zorba the Greek. After that, he had us all join in shouting THUNDER for ACDC’s Thunderstruck. It was a little amazing, for I didn’t think that the older audience would really get into that piece, but they shouted away like there was no tomorrow. After that, the band left the stage, while they got a standing ovation from the audience. Of course, we all know that they were coming back out. David announced that there would be a very quick encore, so off he plays Flight of the Bumblebee. (Note: even though he wasn’t trying to beat a record, his playing FOTBB was much better sounding then Ben Lee’s. Sorry, I just had to add that in. lol) Again another standing ovation, and David and the band were done.

After this we make our ways outside to meet up at the corner of the theater. Together the 3 of us make our way to the back entrance, where EZ peeks his head out and says to hang there. Marcus comes out and gets some greetings from a few others that were also back there with us, but we had already gotten to talk to him earlier in the evening, so we didn’t bother him. After a few employees of the venue came out, EZ finally comes out and tells everyone that there will be no pictures…only autographs. Then out comes David. So I get my ticket stub signed and my DVD also. Thanks to RCS for reminding me, for I almost forgot. I also got the chance to touch him on the arm and tell him thank you for the response from the coin. RCS got to have her DVD and Classical Romance CD signed. EIBEE got to have her program signed. Then we left him to give other autographs and headed back up front to get the car from valet parking.

After the valet gets the car back to us, he tells me that he was in the lobby listening to David and that he was awesome. He also got a laugh because one of the other valet’s name was David, so he bought an I Love David t-shirt. As the valet and I talked some more, he was amazed that some of us David fans were that dedicated to him that we followed him to different shows, some of us even going overseas to see him those multiple times.(...)

Tonight it’s another concert and more reviews, but I promise this time that I’ll post as soon as we get back to the hotel. lol

Oh, and here are our favorite songs.

Me: I truely enjoyed them all, but the one I think I like the most was Humoresque for when he played that last note it was like the finish of a sweet kiss. Just over wonderful.

EIBEE: Ain't no sunshine and Summertime

RCS: Live and Let Die

Thanks for being patient ladies.


ARIELMR1, EIBEE, AND RCS, source: official forum


Ft. Lauderdale-April 7th 2010

they played wonderfully


I had an okay view and at least there were no really tall people in front of me. There was one seat empty in front of me and the people sitting next to that seat left at intermission and didn't come back. Apparently it was either way past their bedtimes or they were not really thrilled by David. In my delusional state, I would like to believe that it was past their bedtime.

As for the rest of the audience, it was a mostly older middle aged crowd. They were for the most part very reserved. Only a few I noticed really got into it. I did have 2 ladies that were sitting behind me that were telling me that they just recently found David and have been trying to buy his stuff off of EBAY. I directed them to the forum if they really wanted to join and I exchanged email addresses with them so that I could tell them about Amazon.de. Anyway, back to the rest of the audience around me. As I tried to clap to songs and cheer for the guys, the peopl around me (minus the 2 ladies) were giving me dirty looks. I just had to shrug it off and keep on supporting the guys.

As for David and the guys, well David came out the left side (not usual for most of the time I see and hear about him coming from the right) and headed up on stage. He was wearing a grey button up shirt, black blazer, jeans, and his black boots. He did have his pants pulled up farther than usual, I'm sure out of respect for this venue. They played the same set as last night, except they did add in Somewhere as a 2nd encore. A few differences from last night to tonight were things such as the temp in his apartment in Hells Kitchen went from 115 degress in the summertime to 117 degrees. Then they joked around about what key something was to be in and David looked at Marcus and said, "It's  the right key,  I swear." Definitely some joking going on onstage between some of the guys. Other than that, they played wonderfully and energetically. I do have to say that I think that I liked last night's concert better just for the fact that the audience was smaller and more active and receptive to David.

After most everyone left, we hung out by the stage. We saw David a few times as he was getting ready for a Meet & Greet....really, when I called and was willling to pay that $150 extra for a M&G both venues said that they didn't have any planned. FIBBERS! Oh well, I still got to meet David last night. lol. Anyway, I was waiting for Marcus to come out and the only one on stage was Jeff Allen. So I asked Jeff if he could get Marcus for me and he was such a sweetie and did. Marcus came out and we talked for a little bit. I gave him one of the knitted/beaded necklaces in a gift bag to take home to his girlfriend. He seemed amazed that I even thought of that. We talked of his new album and I told him that I had to definitely get a CD of it so that I could have him sign it since I downloaded his other ones off of iTunes. He told me that he would have to see what he could do about that. Then all of us girls talked to him about what future concerts we were going to and EIBEE told him about the ones she would see him at. I told him that I would have to wait until November to see him again in Germany. 

After that it was back to the hotel and posting. So tada! 



his technicality was stunning!


I was fortunate to be able to sit in the front row last night, and now, no other row will do for a David concert! It was AMAZING to be so close to him while he was performing. I was able to watch his hands and I have to say, I have even more respect for him as a performer now. I could not believe how fast his bow was flying, even as he perfectly hit every note. He might critique himself a bit harsher, but from a layman's point of view, his technicality was stunning!

We all wore the t-shirts that David designed last night, and I think he noticed mine because I got a smile and a nod. Maybe a wink, too? In any case, it made my night. I was disappointed that we were not able to get pictures with him last night when we got autographs, but maybe next time. Might even be able to get a word in edgewise next time, too. :-)

The picture police were out in force last night, too, but about partway through the second half after intermission, I couldn't stand it any longer and took some pictures. I was emboldened by the latecomer who brazenly took out her camera and started gtaking pictures with her flash. I got reprimanded a couple of times, but come on, people, you can't not sit THAT close with such a perfect open view and NOT try to take pictures. I didn't use my flash, so at least that didn't disturb my fellow patrons. In any case, the pictures are still on my camera and will have to wait until I get home since I have neither the technology nor the know-how to upload them directly to the forum. Please forgive me for the tease. I'll post them as soon as I can. I hope DG and Parker Playhouse will forgive my being naughty and taking the pictures. Till later...


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