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I'm an absolute fan of you,

I play fiddle and classical violin!

I love to play along with you albums,(I have all of them!)


B. Bennion, 4 jan 2016


PLEASE come to America!  Seattle would be perfect but I'd fly my daughter anywhere to see you.  She is 14 and working hard to make it to Juiliard - it is her greatest wish to see you perform!!!

Lori, 20 nov 2015


guten abend herr garrett wünsche ihnen für die Zukunft viel glück Gesundheit und nur das beste von all ihren wünschen ich kenne sie zwar nicht persönlich aber ich spühre es dass sie ein ganz besonderer mensch mit einem grossen herz haben mfg

 Elfriede W. 19 sept 2015


Gracias por compartir su talento, desde el Caribe- Puerto Rico.

Kuky F, 5 mai 2015


My dearest David,

Where have  you been hiding all my life?!   Just last weekend I happened to watch your new movie, "The Devil's Violinist", on a whim on the On Demand pay movie channel as there was nothing else on the boob tube.  I had never even heard of you before this!

Needless to say, I was totally blown away by your absolute mastery of the violin!  It is astounding how you have perfected this art form and can actually make the violin 'sing' as if it had a human voice.

I wish now I had continued with violin lessons began when I was in third grade.  However,  the teacher I had at the time lacked patience and would become irate and throw things, which greatly upset me.  In its place, I turned to oil painting and poetry throughout my life instead, amongst other things. I regret it now.

I also applaud you for desiring to expose the young children to classical music.  This is so important in every respect.  Your efforts in this regard also remind me of my dear mother, Kathrine, who passed away in June of 2010 at age 84. There was very little money as we were quite poor growing up (five boys and myself, so six kids in our family) and yet, and I don't know how she did it, but once a year, when the symphony orchestra came to the nearby town, she would make sure that all the poor neighborhood children would attend the "Lollipop Concert" as it was called and she paid their admissions.  I do miss her.

Anyway, David, thank you for bringing so much joy into the lives of so many people.  You are truly a ray of sunshine illuminating an otherwise bleak and hopeless world.

P.S. - Let me know when your next concert is in San Francisco, California, won't you? I would love to be able to see you perform in person.

May God bless you every day in every way.

Mary Jane, 21 fevrier 2015


Merci et bravo a Davide

Anne, 8 novembre 2014


Lieber David

Danke für das Super-Konzert letzten Donnerstag 23.10. im Hallenstadion Zürich.  Meine Schwester Jeannette ist ein grosser Fan.  Das letzte Mal war sie 2009 LiveAtSunset DolderEisbahn Zürich dabei.  Zu Beginn Deines Auftrittes bist Du

zu Fuss von den hinteren Rängen Geige spielend Richtung Bühne gelaufen und hast Dich (es war ein Stuhl frei) neben meine Schwester gesetzt, ihr in die Augen geschaut und weiter auf Deiner Geige gespielt.  Sie hatte fast eine Herzattacke

(vor Freude).  Könntest Du ihr ein Autogramm mit Widmung senden?  Sie hätte grosse Freude ;-)

Lieben Gruss

Barbara W, 27 octobre 2014


Liebe David,

zum Geburstag kraft Gesundheit,Liebe - welchere du möchtest,Glück,viel Lachen,Freundschaft und immer gute Leute bei Dir und die Umgebung.

Von Ganzem Herzen deine Ambasador(in) in der Slowakei.

Anika aus Slowakei, 1 septembre 2014


Hello David; thank you for inspiring me with your beautiful music. I never listened to classical music until I heard your music in Pandora. My friend Sarah introduced me to your amazing talent and I have been hooked ever since.


A new fan Marlene :-*, June 28, 2014





lili, June 11, 2014


Please come again to Tampa bay, Florida,USA, we love your music!

Rita G., May 27, 2014


Hi David.

Just been watching you on Weekend on ITV in the UK.  I have seen you a few times, but I never really thought I would be into you and your music as much as I am after watching you plan Swan Lake – it brought the hairs on my arms sticking up it was so beautiful!!!! 

Your Stradivarius is a pure work of art, its just a shame that you have to have all the microphone business attatched, but I am sure they will come off without leaving a mark, as it would be criminal to damage such a thing of beauty with such a wonderful tune.  You have a very large chin rest (sorry for the ignorance in not knowing the correct name LOL) and I was curious about the pale blue patch on it, it looked like a cooler that you put on injuries and I could imagine with the time you spend in your performances playing, it would make it more comfortable, am I correct in my assumption??  

I live in the Isle of Man and am suffering with PTSD and agarophobia  so I guess there will never be much of a chance of getting to see you live, which is a real desperate situation, and also as I cannot work I am also unable to afford to download any of your albums, but such is life, we are unable to have everything we want in our lives.  I am lucky to be alive as my illness is caused by the treatment from an ex partner, I was clinging onto life by the skin of my teeth, and although physically I am OK, I have been left with the above and I rarely get out.  But its a blessing I am still alive so I guess I will try to get to my CBT but right now the thought of it scares me stiff.  I will have to put some of your music on my playlist on You Tube as I am sure it will help me relax listening to you play to help me get myself in a decent headspace so I am able to leave my flat without too much of a panic.

 Anyway, thanks to Weekend, you now have another fan to add to your millions.  I see you used to do some modelling to boost ur money when you were still pretty much unknown and not making enough to live on, well before I met the ex who used to do the beating and rape etc I used to model myself, it was such fun, I will add a couple of pics of shoots and as I am now.

 You are amazing David,

 Suzi xxxx, April 27, 2014


Dearest David,

You are without a doubt the most talented musician/artist I've ever heard and seen in my entire life. As the daughter of a Juliard trained concert pianist, I grew up in a home where everyone was exposed to only the very best of classical music. We children drifted off to sleep every night to the beautiful sounds of my father's concert grand as he played all the classical greats for himself and for us. I believe having such a background in classical music is a wonderful gift to give one's family. As a teenager, we began to be exposed to other genres of music, but held very high standards. If we listened to pop it had to be good pop, the same with rock. What a firm grounding classical music gives as a spring board to enjoying music other than classical. I've been absolutely thrilled to be able to "attend" your crossover concerts via PBS In Seattle, as well as on youTube. I have been mostly housebound for the last 13 years due to an illness, so cannot go out to attend. one. of. your concerts. Thank you for allowing some of your great concerts to be aired online as it has been my utter good pleasure to lie in bed with my iPad and. let it shake the bed with the beat of your wonderful exciting music!  I love anything you play, I find you to be the most exciting artist in the world of music. Your crossover concerts are wonderful; I love the great variety you bring to us, and the soul shaking good music whatever genre it may be. Thank you for all the years of learning to be the best as there are those of us who will listen to only the best.  In my prayers and best wishes to you. May you have a long and happy life filled with great music and the joy of knowing how very much you are appreciated and enjoyed!

Toni Y., 11 décembre 2013


I saw you and your music for the first time on PBS last night.  I was totally blown away by your talent ! I know that you are coming to Florida in December

2013, and I would really like to see you in person. 

Isabella, 1 décembre 2013


Hi David , I am a relatively new fan, just having caught one of your concerts on TV . What a fantastic performer you are and what a talent ! Love the show! And I think you would make a great Christian Grey! You are so good looking!!! Lol


Carol xxx, 15 novembre 2013


Hi David,

I recently stumbled upon your music by accident and I gotta say my senses haven't had a feast in ages until I found you and your music. Simply phenomenal!

Please do a show in Sydney (or anywhere in Australia, I'll be there). I am sure I'll be first in line for a ticket!


Corinne, 30 octobre 2013


Querido David, encontre tu música hace muy poco, tal vez tres meses atrás en un artículo de Selecciones ( The reader' s Digest), mencionaron "Adagio" la busqué en la web y entonces apareció un vídeo tuyo... Sentí la música muy profundo en mi corazón....desde entonces no pasa un solo dia sin escucharte.  Me encanta tu musica, ver cómo sonríes cuando tocas y cómo muestras lo que te gusta hacer lo que haces, la pasión que muestras al tocar tu violín...siento que tienes algunas cosas en común con Paganini...es una pena que a mi pais probablemente no llegue la película... Te deseo éxitos...Un abrazo inmenso desde un pais chiquitito en el medio de América.

Keyla J.M., 1 octobre 2013


Grazie per la musica.

Nadia, 1 octobre 2013


Los anjeles estan en la tierra me encanta tu musica sueño en poder conoserte y escuchar tu musica en vivo eres tan apasionado , soy de chicago espero verte pronto. Besos niño hermoso.

Fabiola, 19 septembre 2013


Un bel anniversaire ! Pour David et plein de merveilles en compagnie de son cher violon pour le bonheur de pouvoir écouter ses nouvelles créations ...et puis mille joies et du bonheur . C'est ce que je te souhaite de tout cœur , toi qui nous apporte tant de plaisir lorsque tu joues pour nous !! Et nous enchantent . Bises

Dominique, 4 septembre 2013


David: quisiera saber si tienes pensado venir a Colombia, he pensado ir hasta New York a verte sino no hay la posibilidad , nunca me había interesado por un artista pero me llamo la atención las mezclas que haces y sobre todo el número 10 de tu álbum me encantan, también el sentimiento a la hora de tocar e interpretar es lo que me inquietas.

Por favor vienes..............abrazos por montones

Pd: ya casi 33 años.

Fabiola, 11 août 2013


I really, really like his musick… I Just love him,  And Can´t stop to watch his videos…

Keyla J. M,  6 août 2013


Love your music. First time viewer of your music. So very impressed, lovely , lovely, so talented.

You truly bless many with your special talent, and personality ,

A new fan


Patti F, 5 août 2013


Há pouquíssimo tempo fiquei conhecendo você, David. Ganhei o DVD “ MUSIC” de um amigo e fiquei encantada com

seu estilo, seu inacreditável talento, e sua música. Você além de ser uma maravilhosa escultura é um músico excepcional.

Moro em São Paulo, Brasil e você já está se tornando conhecido por aqui. Vejo e repasso seus vídeos para meus amigos, que já estão se tornando , como eu, seus fãs incondicionais.

Tenho uma neta de 10 anos que mora em Londres e começou a tocar violino desde os seis na escola, que também já é sua fã.

Já tenho seus três últimos DVDs e estamos na torcida para que em breve você venha ao Brasil. Não poderemos perder seu show.

Sou professora e o que mais me encanta é que você é inspiração para jóvens e crianças de todas as idades, tornando possível que gostem além da musica contemporânea, também da música clássica.

Quero fazer parte dos milhares de fãs que você já tem e gostaria muito de ver a bandeirinha do Brasil, junto às de outros países

na página oficial de seus fãs, pois aqui certamente também já há inúmeros fãs de DAVID GARRETT.

Que Deus o proteja sempre!

Um grande abraço

Lígia C, 1 mai 2013


So……I am too old to be your girlfriend…..but if you ever need a mom or

an aunt! Lol….. I love how you play this beautiful instrument and I

wish that you would play in Utah sometime!! 

Thank you,

Joy, 30 avril 2013


Message from David !!!

Thanks for all the heartfelt messages.

It made my day, and I am thinking of you all.

Happy V-day

D, Von meinem iPhone gesendet, Feb 14, 2013 am 17:33


Bellissimo bravissimo!!

Pina, 21 octobre 2012


Dein neues Musikvideo ist fantastisch.

Ich denke/weiss da steckt viel Arbeit dahinter...

vielen dank dafür =) ein wahrlicher Traum für meine Ohren.

Liebe Grüße aus der Schweiz

Janine, 26 septembre 2012


Hi David

Just dropped in to say hello and to say I plan I seeing you in November 2012

I am really looking forward to it and have started playing your music even more.

If you ever need an english speaking registered nurse with lots of experience on your tours, let me know

:) Just had to throw that out there. You never know.

C.M., 13 septembre 2012



   Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

Take it easy. stay beautiful. keep an open mind always!!!

Come back to California...(it's way better and less imposing than NYC!!!)

You belong  here.

RS Salgado-Orr, 7 septembre 2012


Bel anniversaire a toi David  !! Mille merveilles et nombreuses joies au plus charmant

garçon ,qui transforme nos jours en l'écoutant jouer avec tout le talent qu'il possède !! 

A notre tour de te transmettre toute notre chaleur en remerciement de tous ces beaux

moments a pouvoir t'écouter . 

Beaucoup de joies pour toi plein de concerts ! et fasse que la musique reste ta passion

pour notre plus grand bonheur ...


Dominique, 5 septembre 2012

PS : J'ai un jour de retard ! excuse moi !


Your music ,your person in union with yuor violin elicits so many emotions. Thank you. Tomorow is your birthday so all the best David!!!

M S, 3 septembre 2012


Visito sempre sua página na web, amo o som do violino, e adoro ver uma pessoa tão dedicada à musica, e inovando. Desejo-lhe muito sucesso.

Gostaria de receber mais vídeos de seu show. Na minha página do Facebook, compartilho o seu link com todos os meus amigos. Parabéns e muito sucesso para você David Garret.

Sueli C, 28 juin 2012


The presale for the 4 Open Air Shows of David Garrett with new programme in 2013 is starting tomorrow,  June 2nd, 2012.

The dates of the concerts are:

Erfurt (June 2nd, 2013), Berlin (June 5th, 2013), Dresden (June 8th, 2013) and Bayreuth (june 15th, 2013).

Tickets are available via www.ticketmaster.de and www.deag.de.


Ciao David,

complimenti per concerto all’Auditorium di Milano (27.5.2012)

Un abbraccio

Manu, 29 mai 2012


ab heute startet unser neues Gewinnspiel, bei dem es 2x2 Karten für die David Garrett Orchester Tour 2013 zu gewinnen gibt.

Über eine Einbindung des Links in die Seite würden wir uns freuen:


27 avril 2012


saying "hey" - be well - "rock on" - much love,

Nee Nee, 27 février 2012


Ciao David,

credo tu sia la pietra filosofale della musica …

Sono stata al concerto di Milano, spero tanto che farai il dvd anche di Milano

Un abbraccio

Manu, 24 février 2012


Ti ho scoperto solo adesso,ma ne vale veramente la pena! Complimenti!!!!!

Margherita, 23 février 2012


Hello David,

From the first note of your music that reached my ears, I fell in love with you and your music. Just listening to your music just melts my 

heart and sets my soul a flight. It makes me feel like singing!

I love how you vary out your styles from classical to rock and pop. It matches my musical interest exactly. You can be sure of me buying all your music and someday getting to see one of your concerts when you are back in the United States or if I visit Berlin in a few years for school, and you playing while I am there.

I just love how I can see just how you are passionate about your music and your violin from the expression you have when you are playing. 

I hope the best to you!

From Iowa in the middle of the United States, with love,

Kimberly P, 18 février 2012


David, you seem to be unusually balanced. Congratulation. But, do you know the seductive power of fame and money?

 All the best,

Gabriele, 6 février 2012


I took my son who is 19 to see your show at the Chicago Theater on Jan 28 2012. We were blown away! Had an awesome time, can't wait till you come back. Love

Sue & Zak, 30 janvier 2012


Hello David.

I just wanted to say that I am happy that I found you and your music. She makes me happy and brings a smile to my heart. Thank you very much. I hope that someday I can thank you personally for everything that you give me.

Hugs and kisses from the Poland

Justin, 29 janvier 201


My husband and I love your music. We saw you live at the Bushnell in Hartford, CT. Can't wait for the next concert.

Mechelle & Alexander, 23 janvier 2012


My husband and I just got home from your San Diego concert, and want to thank you for taking your violin to its amazing limits…great show! Would have loved a little more classical and less rock, but have to say anything you play is just fine. Some notes you played in the midrange were exquisite, jaw-dropping beautiful.

Susan, 16 janvier 2012


My daughter loves your music!! She and a group of her ‘new Garrett’ friends followed you around central Florida one year. They are a generous group and raised the airfare needed so she can see you in DC next month. Another generously is sharing a room with her. A German friend who cannot attend gave her the ticket FREE. She will be front row, center I hearJ..

As state employees with no raises for past 5 years, it would have been impossible for her to see you this tour except for their generosity. You must be a wonderful man to imbue such loyalty in your fans.

Wishing you well, I am,

Yours truly,

Marianne S, 6 janvier 2012 

PS – Renee is her name J.


Belle année 2012 pour toi David ! ainsi que pour toute ta famille !

et ceux qui sont chers à ton coeur .

Puisses-tu nous enchanter et nous emmener encore avec

ton violon et ta façon d'en jouer qui n'appartient qu'a toi et qui sait si bien nous

transporter dans une sphère merveilleuse de rêve ...

Merci a toi pour tout ce bonheur.


Dominique, 2 janvier 2012


Hallo an alle David Garrett Fans,

Es findet am 14.4. 2012 um 16 Uhr ein Fantreffen in Wien statt. Es sind alle herzlich willkommen. Es können alle Fans aus aller Welt kommen. Für weitere fragen stehen euch gerne Bettina Hadl und Mareike Fürst gerne zur Verfügung. Weitere Infos folgen noch.
Lg und einen schönen Abend

Bettina, 18 décembre 2011 21:13


There are just no words to truly describe how I feel when I listen to your music. I have always said music is my soul, and you, Sir, have touched my soul and my heart. You have been blessed with an awesome gift and passion.

I'm certain many fans ask you to visit their Country, State and/or City. I'll add mine to your list. You travel the world...please, come visit Alabama (Huntsville or Birmingham). I would love to hear you play.

I'm 60, and work 2 jobs; listening to your music gets me through the day.

Smile, be happy and God Bless.

Carla, 10 décembre 2011 04:47


Ciao ha tutti!!!!!! Dopo tanto sono riuscita ad assistere  ha un concerto di David Garrett!!!!!! Esattamente a Verona!!!  Dire che suona in maniera meravigliosa e dir poco.... Una semplice canzone suonata da lui diventa un capolavoro!!!!! Un talento senza uguali!!!!!!!

Giulia.Italia, 3 décembre 2011 12:31


Ciao, I saw for the first time David Garrett and his band in Milano last 26 th November and I was shocked :)

I love music, in particular rock music.

I work in SKY Italia , Newscorp., and I follow most of the Tv Channels, also Rock Tv Channel.

Honestly I think that David is a complete high level artist. He gives strong and positive emotion with his music and energy.

After the concert in Teatro Smeraldo, I bought the cd, and I am costantly showing David Garrett web site and his music to all my collegues and friends.

It is a very pleasure for me to have known David Garrett music.

Many compliments and Thanks,

Claudia, 3 décembre 2011 12:25


Caro David,

non ti conoscevo fino a venerdi’25 nov.,quando ho letto l’articolo del concerto al Teatro smeraldo.

Senza aver mai sentito la tua musica,  ho scaricato da Itunes “ Rock Symphonies”  e sono riuscita a prendere gli ultimi posti a Teatro Smeraldo x sabato 26 nov., ed ho scoperto un'altra dimensione…. quella della tua musica e dell’estasi che strasporta …   

Ti auguro un universo di bene

Manuela, 29 novembre 2011 11:26  


Wie wundervoll deine Musik ist !!!!, danke, merci, thank you, grazcha fich, grazie, gracias für die positiven-Energien die du ausstrahlst. Bald (hopefully) werde ich die Möglichkeit haben, dich live zu bewundern....ich freue mich sehr!!!!  

patricia, 20 novembre 2011 11:16


My husband, Joe, and I are in love with your music.  Thank you for giving this to us.  Always be safe!  Always be happy!  Have someone Special in your life, as Joe and I do. 

Judy P, Hockley, Texas   ♥, 28 octobre 2011 16:23


Happy Birthday from a gal in Los Angeles

Hope your day is very special

You deserve the best


Coni, 4 septembre 2011 18:43


Joyeux anniversaire David !

Que la musique envahisse pour toi cette belle journée en t'offrant tes airs préférés


Dominique, 4 septembre 2011 18:22


Hi David:

I am writing to you  from Chile. You are simply fascinating! I first saw you in a store, on a television sets sale, a few month ago and I did not move out until you finished your performance. I have tried to get your CDs and DVDs, but it has been very difficult. I had to order them from USA.

When are you coming to Chile? It would be wonderful to hear you "live".

I am a grandmother and I'm showing your talent and your spectacular performances to my grandchildren of three and four years, who enjoy a lot with them.

Thank  you for these wonderful moments!!

Greetings from the end of the world, CHILE

Monica S, 8 août 2011 04:02


Good morning David, 

The first time I heard your music I had to have it.  I now have only 3 CD’s and your newest one on the way and 1 DVD of one of your concerts in Berlin.  I live to hear your music.  You have great talent, great love and a fantastic sense of humor and the crossover is terrific.  Keep up the good work.  I wish I could see you in person. 

The best of all to you, 

Sherry C, Bethlehem, PA, 3 avril 2011 15:45


 David hi

I have all your CDs and video.  Just love  the way you play the violin!. My 12 1/2 year old Niece Alex plays the violin,

Alex plays at her school concerts. She been playing for 4 years now. Alex love it . She love your playing David  the Pirates of the caribbean is 1# she pays it on her violin.

Please come to Rochester ny someday

I would  love to see you in person

Peace & Love

Reenie & Alex, 16 juillet 2011 22:47


Hello David. I loved your showcase in amsterdam last thursday! Hope to see you soon again. Greetings from the netherlands.

Sylvie, 2 juillet 2011 22:32


stopping in to say "hey" - much love - kisses - NeeNee

NeeNee,19 juin 2011 10:11


Liebe David Garrett-Fans,

ab 17. Juni könnt ihr David Garrett als Wachsfigur bestaunen, bei Madame Tussauds Berlin. Und damit ihr ihn alle schnell anschauen könnt, bieten wir gern vergünstigte Gruppenticketpreise für alle Fans an. Bei Interesse bitte einfach bei uns melden!

Herzliche Grüße,

10 juin 2011 11:35


David, David, David

What else can I say

You are amazing

and eye candy on top of it.

Love and Hugs

Conijai, 21 mai 2011 07:38


A quand un concert en France ????

Nous souhaiterions venir vous voir et vous écouter jouer...... Vos CD sont superbes.....

Séverine, 18 mai 2011 11:03

Rep:Une tournée en France est actuellement en projet pour l'automne 2011.



What a wonderful treat to hear & see you on Dancing with the Stars!  I have NEVER heard such beautiful sounds from a violin!

Joanne, 16 avril 2011 00:51, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


I never heard of you before you appeared on Dancing With the Stars.  You were amazing and not too hard on the eyes either!!  I am looking forward to hearing your rock & classic CD.  You really put "Sexy" into classical music and will encourage a young audience to explore and enjoy that beautiful genre of music.

Kat, 13 avril 2011 22:13


Hi David, I am positive you are aware of your talent and hear from people how they adore your artistry.  I however still must state that I am a huge fan and LOVE your own style of modern and classical styles.

I hope to see you when I meet my husband for his R&R from Afghanistan for 3 weeks in Germany!  If all goes well and tickets are still available we are hopeful to see you in Stuttgart on the 12th  of June. 

You are truly an inspiration to ages of all sorts.  Even my 2 little ones (6 and 4) enjoy watching your videos!

Best Wishes for your travels and hope to see you in Germany!

Blessings to you,

Crystal, USA- Florida, 6 mars 2011 22:42


Dear David, This is the first time I have ever written in to a “Fan Site”, but I wanted to tell you how much you are a “breath of fresh air” to the youth and music scene.  Your unique marriage of classical and contemporary music, in such a pure style, is mesmerizing.  Watching you on PBS, one can see the passion and dedication that you bring to the music.  I unfortunately was unable to attend your recent concert in Wallingford, CT.  I am hoping that you someday are able to perform at the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT so that I am able to see you in person.  Thank you for following your dream, and making it uniquely your own.

Mary DeBriae, R.N., Niantic, Ct., 25 février 2011 16:08


Saturday Night February 19th 2011 was the first time I got to see David Garrett perform live at the Welmont Theatre in Montclair, New Jersey.

 I am lost for words. I was blown away. I love all kinds of music and he touched my heart in so many ways. Not only is he good looking but he is a talented and intense performer. I am definitely looking forward to seeing him again soon.

Jeanette, 22 février 2011 22:00


Went to see you at Oakdale in Wallingford last nite. Was really unhappy. Was looking forward to going since I saw you last in NJ. Wanted to see the same classy, mostly classical music I had seen then. Felt like I went to a rock concert.  You were drowning in the band music and all the songs started to sound the same. I thought it was awful. Felt like you were playing for the teenie bopper audience. Come back to Wallingford when you grow up again! P.S. get some new shoes

Linda, 18 février 2011 04:19


Hello David, 
we just left the Chicago Theater, this was the first  live concert of yours that I've attended. You and your band are amazing! Hope you're having a great time in Chicago!

Ania, 14 février 2011 05:15


Nun dies ist der gefühlt 100ste Versuch etwas in das Gästebuch zu

schreiben. Erst bekenne ich mich als einer der größten Fans wie

wahrscheinlich eine Million andere Menschen.;) Musik war immer schon

ein großer Teil meines Lebens aber als ich IHN entdeckte diesen so

voller Energie strotzenden, gefühlvollen und.... by the way sexy David

Garrett sollte sich auch für mich etwas ändern. David du hast mich

inspiriert....als rastloser Mensch habe ich nun in der Geige meinen

Ruhepol gefunden. Mit 36 Jahren ist es nun nicht mehr ganz so einfach

aber ich habe die Liebe zu diesem Instrument durch dich entdeckt und

übe und übe und......In Vorfreude auf das nächste Konzert im Juni das

ich mit meinem Sohn besuche um ihn zu motivieren fleißig weiterzuüben

verabschiede ich mich nun 

LG Karin, 16 janvier 2011 22:28



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