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Hallo David

ich wusste nicht,das ein so begabter Violinist wie Du,existiert,habe

heute am 29.12.2010 im Programm " In Fogus "der DW ein Interview

verfolgt und war total sprachlos,es war ein Vergnuegen ganz besonderer

Art Deinen Lebenlauf zu verfolgen.

Ein meiner groessten Violinisten war Stephane Grappelli,habe viele

seiner Aufnahmen.

Ich werde nun nachdem ich wieder etwas mit 72 dazu gelernt habe,meine

Kollektion an CD's von Dir erweitern.

Ich wuensche Dir noch viel mehr Erfolge in Deinem Leben und werde Deine

Musik geniessen.

Herzliche Gruesse eines Unbekannten

Peter Orth, 30 décembre 2010 03:14


Ich war am Montag in der Wiener Stadthalle und muß sagen: das Publikum

hat gezeigt, dass es verstanden hat – worum es Dir geht!

Klassik und Show, Rock und Unterhaltung! Live, der absolute Wahnsinn…

Ich kam aus dem Staunen aufgrund der tollen Musiker, des Orchesters und

natürlich wegen deiner Darbietung nicht mehr heraus!!!

Diese Virtuosität beeindruckt auch im Hinblick darauf, dass alles ohne

Noten vorgetragen wird und man an deinem Gesichtsausdruck merkt, wie

sehr du mit der Musik mitlebst.

Ein Abend der unvergesslich bleibt und unter die Haut geht! Karten für

dein Konzert im Juni 2011 in Wien bereits gesichert ;-) 

25.Nov.2010 bettina, oberösterreich, 20 décembre 2010 20:02


Hi David.

my Niece Alex plays the violin she been playing . Since she was 4 nowis

is 11 she loves it

right now I am going to see her play at a concert

peace and love

REENIE, 3 décembre 2010 00:08


Guten Morgen David !

Ich war gestern mit meiner mum und meiner oma in nürnberg bei deinem

konzert! Es war einfach klasse aber was sollte man auch anderes von dir

erwarten !Das rockige find ich auch sehr klasseund du hast alle meine

Lieblings lieder gespielt fand ich klasse und auch der leichte Country

einfluss fand ich auch supper!Bist genau an meiner reihe vorbei

gegangen wie du rein gekommen bist! D eine geschichte mit dem date kenn

ich irgend wo her und das mit der hotelkarte auch ! Ich hätte gerne ein

foto mit dir gemacht und mir ein autogramm geholt aber leider hat mich

die secureti nicht ein mal in die nähe der bühne gelassen aber ma siet

sich ja immer öffter im leben! Dann wünsche ich dir noch einen schönen

tag bis bald

amanda, 16 novembre 2010 17:57


hallo David,

ich heiße Charlotte und bin 10 jahre alt und wohne in

Ratingen ,das liegt praktisch genau neben Düsseldorf. Dein Konzert

gestern war echt klasse. Ist mein Bild, das ich für die gemalt habe,

angekommen,? Ich habe es nach dem Konzert an dem Fanartikelshop

abgeben. Ich habe dich das erste mal bei "wetten dass..."gesehen,und

als du "smooth criminal" gespielt hast war mir sofort klar, das du der

beste und schnellste Geiger auf der ganzen welt bist.

mit freundlichen grüßen

Charlotte, 7 novembre 2010 12:26


Dear David –

While I am not your target audience (I am a 66 year old woman), I am a

great fan.  It is mesmerizing to watch and hear you work.

Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

Cathy Colleran, Palatine, IL  USA, 13 octobre 2010 20:45


I was introduced to your music last year through a friend. I was

hooked! I have played your music ever since. My two daughters, aged 10

& 8, are now wanting to learn violin! They love your music! I will

continue to play your music for everyone to hear!! Thank you for all

your hard work and devotion to violin and for sharing your gift with

the world.

Lisa, 12 octobre 2010 15:52


David Garrett's song Chelsea Girl can bring tears to your eyes.  The

most beautiful, haunting song I have ever heard.

P, 11 octobre 2010 22:43


just a say hey babe -

"rock on"

neenee, 2 octobre 2010 17:00



GARRETT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luv them-they

are beautiful. I have got to find a way to go and see you David at the

Wilshire Ebel in February 5th, 2011--I have go to see you and hear you

play in person.

Muriel in Los Angeles, 22 septembre 2010 06:15


Pour David ,

je tenais a lui faire ces quelques lignes car son dernier

CD tout comme les précédent du reste m'enthousiasme et c'est peu dire !

Je parle de son CD rock cela peut surprendre par l'intensité du son et

par l'interprétation de certains morceaux de musique mais , cest là le

rythme du rock .

C'est une évasion sur un horizon tout neuf

C'est gai , entraînant et beau par la pureté du son

C'est du nouveau a l'état pur dans ce classique ancestral !

C'est le talent et toute la fougue que nous apporte  la jeunesse ! un

vrai bonheur,

en un mot c'est du grand art que nous transmet David de part son

talent,sa virtuosité et tout

son doigté exceptionnel , des moments délicieux a l'écouter un

enchantement il est sans pareil !!

Merci , pour nous donner tant de joie a  l'ecoute de votre violon !

David c'est encore une réussite . 

Bien a vous

Dominique, 16 septembre 2010 18:40


David I need to make a correction about the Los Angeles concert at the

Wilshire Ebel, the date is correct except for the year. It is February

5, 2011. Please forgive me. This is my first time doing something like

this-sending an e-mail to a virtuoso violinist! I have watched the

Berlin concert twice and I am hoping pbs will air it again! I never

would have guess that I would like classical and rock music mixed

together!  Wow!! 

Muriel, August 26, 2010 Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


David, I am another watcher of pbs in Los Angeles. I was curious. You

are a blessing to hear and watch.  I love the Child's Anthem and the

others!!!!! I am 59yrs. and I just love the way you play that violin.

Yes, you do have a relationship with her, I do understand. I use to

sing years ago. I was humming and singing along with some of the songs

you were playing, it brought back memories. You have a wonderful gift-I

wish I could come to your concert at the Wilshire Ebell on 02/05/2010

here in L.A.. With this economy I can't do it. Well we have pbs and

also your cd's. Thankyou  so much for your music, the love that you

have for it, your dedication, hard work and the tenacity with your art.

(You are a pleasure to the eyes).  You have a long and prosperous

career ahead of you. Thankyou David, Thankyou!!!!!!!

August 26,2010 


David -


Thank you, thank you, thank you -

I will wait til u brush babe -


NeeNee, 15 août 2010 19:55





NeeNee, 25 juillet 2010 19:05


Dear David your music is so beautiful it makes me weep  thank you

Stephanie from Wisconsin USA, 7 juin 2010 17:54


I have to assume that this will not be posted o the guest

  book site...

    ...but it literally makes me sick.. when I see comments

      on this site... that it is so wondeful... that this big

      "O" here in Chicago... likes David...

       ...her so called success... comes from having talented 

         people on her show... her so called success...started

         with shows...that were of the liking of a Jerry


           ...we are suppose to be enthralled... that this

           person likes David... she is lucky that he appeared

           on her show... is success is determined by being

           on this show... how sad...the public... that finds

            this so great... the same goes for a David


                   ... Again... I assume that this will not appear

           in the Guestbook... comments...

               ...but... David is so far beyond... the

               insignificant peoples... that have access

               to particular airways... that makes no sense

               to me.... thankyou for listening...

m mouse, 7 juin 2010 06:36


miss ya in the states -

waiting 4 the "rock symphonies" -

really babe - luv ya -

neenee, 12 mai 2010 03:20


david, if it is all about the music, why the dye job. why the makeover

and plucked eyebrows. you don't see the master's doing that.

Emily, 13 avril 2010 21:39


My husband and I drove up to Nashville, Tennessee from Florida, Easter

weekend to see David`s concert there. And I am here to tell

you......the man is absolutely flawless gorgeous !! It was almost

surreal, after watching him for hours on Youtube. Right there 25 feet

away, looking like a movie star!!

        The sound and sight was awesome! The acoustics were dead on the

to the CD. Even my husband, also a musician,could find no gripes.

         Will definitely look for more concert dates!

Rick and Donna, 9 avril 2010 09:41


We just returned from the Fort Lauderdale concert and it was

incredible.  Last October as you played 'who wants to live forever' our

grandad passed away..and tonight my husband heard you live play that

same piece and we both came to tears.  We thank you for all your years

of practice and devotion to your art and thank you for bringing it to

us to share.  Love, 

J&S,8 avril 2010 08:51


What a wonderful concert!! Come back soon to Concord, New Hampshire.

USA. Margareta Jonsson Hogne, 28 mars 2010 06:10  


Trying to find a way to thankyou for the site that you created...

bringing this once in a million lifetimes..this fantastic  performer to 


being on the other side of the planet... other than the PBS concerts.. 

our awareness would have been so limited... please let me know.. if

this message reaches you... and whether there might be another way to

contact you... regarding the "Official International Support Page" 

that you have created.... (do you have a name???.)..to know that I

have been able to justly thankyou.  


m mouse,27 mars 2010 02:17


thanks for collingswood babe

"rock on",25 mars 2010 05:26


"rock on"


24 mars 2010 04:12


Just a quick comment... just came back to Chicago fom Oregon... saw

your concert in Portland.. on  Feb. 24....two grandkids.. one with

boyfriend.. my daughter and also ... me... just as you were coming down

the aisle.. (I had an aisle seat)....and as you passed ... I touched

the bottom of your  jacket..

 I wish we could have taken pictures.. or that there

might have been a program...

I have been  in awe of you since last October.. after purchasing "Live

in Berlin"... re: PBS. concert here in Chicago...  and have driven

everyone I know crazy about you...

    so...hence the trip to Oregon...when family there.. became.. extra


    My grandchildren... there and here.. young adults.. have found you

super.. and my daughter has flipped over you also....

 I tried so hard to capture... the fact that I was seeing you

 live... but I was not able to totally absorb the

happening...  .....maybe next time... with hope there is a next

time       Love  

M mouse, 14 mars 2010 05:22


hey, spring is almost here !

2 march dates in nj - wahoo !

luv ya - "rock on" - much love,

NeeNee,7 mars 2010 21:10


My daughter and I will be the first in line to purchase tickets to see

David when he decides to visit our beautiful Vancouver, British

Columbia, Canada.

Paulette Pelland-Boos,5 mars 2010 16:24


My goodness….You are awesome and so gorgeous looking.  What a

combination.  You are the kind of guy I wish my daughter would go out


I was so lucky to get tickets 2 hours before your concert last night

(Feb 26th) in Anaheim.

I did not know you until I saw you at PBS late night flipping channel.

I agree with the other fans.

I wish my kids went with me to the concert.  My son played the violin

in high school and my daughter played the viola.

My son also plays the piano and guitar.  He is the artist.

I wish you would come back to California to perform or maybe reside


You should book a performance in the Irvine, Newport Beach, Laguna

Beach area.  There are a lot of artistic musically inclined kids in the


There is the Verizon Amphitheater where artists perform.   

I would definitely watch your concert again.  I have been telling my

friends and relatives how great you are. 

Other than your talent, you have the looks.  And your audience comprise

of all ages.  That makes you really a hit artist.

With some artists, I would say better heard than seen, but with you

it’s both a delight to see and hear.

Looking forward to your future concert in South Orange County


Thank you for the entertainment that you provide.

Doris T., 28 février 2010 09:39


David - BABE - congrats on the big O - OPRAH !

I had emd the show to suggest they have u on -

my prayers were answered !

Way to go - GO GET 'EM - US TOUR 2010 !!

"rock on"

NEENEE,22 février 2010 20:25


collingswood - wow - awesome - wahoo - etc. etc.

"rock on" babe - catch ya in the spring 2010 !

6 février 2010 02:33


congrats on all the noms !

what a way to start a new decade, babe -

"ROCK ON", 29 janvier 2010 04:52


I will be in the front of the Whitaker Center Audotorium in Harrisburg

PA. on March 30, savoring your every note, and movement. I am so- o- o

ready to hear you again.  You are  the most gorgeous ,talented

entertainment I have ever enjoyed!  I would love to understand more of

the fantastic man, known as David Garrett!      


Toni Marie, 28 janvier 2010 03:16


Yo David! :D

Best wishes for you're Classic Romance Tour from Germany :D

SB, 26 janvier 2010 10:49


Hi David,

I have never been a fan of classical music, or the violin.  But, as I

flipped through the TV channels a few months ago, I paused on the local

PBS station when I heard "Smooth Criminal".  By the end of the song, I

was hooked on your unique style, good looks, and phenomenal talent!  It

is the pop and rock pieces that I love, but I am learning to enjoy

classical as well.  I am thrilled to have a front row seat for your

3/24 performance in Collingswood, NJ.  Thank you for sharing your

incredible gift. All my best wishes for continued success in the US...

Linda P., 25 janvier 2010 02:23

Jackson, NJ



(precious angel):

Good luck,

Best wishes and

God's Blessings

on ur Classic 10 tour -

"ROCK ON", 12 janvier 2010 00:27


Your music is absolutely wonderful!!!  I first heard your "Smooth

Criminal" as a Jazzercise routine and was hooked.  God bless you and

your music so that you can bring the same wonder to others that you

have brought to me. 

RMD  Texas USA  12/30/09, 22:14


Hello David,

I saw you on a local PBS channel yesterday for the first time and what

a great performance. I also saw William Joseph for the first time on

PBS you should if you haven't already thought of teaming up with him to

perform together. You both have a special God given talent and seem

like two fine gentlemen.

A Very Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy and Prosperous 2010.

God Bless!

Joanie K., 24 décembre 2009 07:11


I WISH YOU A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Amanda, 23 décembre 2009 10:44


Hallo David,

ich freue mich bereits heute auf dein Konzert in München im November

2010, die Karten sind bestellt.

Bleib bis dahin gesund und mein Weihnachtswunsch wäre: gemeinsam mit

dir dann in München zu Brunchen, da du doch so ungern alleine

frühstückst - ist das möglich?

Gisela K., 20 décembre 2009 19:50


missed you on FNC ...

just caught you on WLIW ...

on my birthdayweekend ... wahoo ...

why do YOU make my heart beat differently ...

still ...

"rock on", 6 décembre 2009 07:32


thank you for US 2010 from ur jersey girl -

"rock on", 3 décembre 2009 07:08



l'ho ascoltato proprio ora alla tv americana da Miami dove mi trovo.

Non ho parole per descrivere D. Garret, ma posso dire che mi ha data

una carica vitale in un momento di debolezza fisica,  ed emergere dal

mio cuore e tutto il mio essere una valanga di bellissimi sentimenti:

gioia, tenerezza, passione, amore, senso della mia pochezza,

ammirazione per la magnificenza di questo ragazzo che "è il suo

violino"  e mi sentivo volare leggera sulle ali delle sue

interpretazioni. Grazie

Carla T., 3 décembre 2009 05:37


der sollte mal zusammen mit Vanessa Mae spielen, das käme bestimmt voll


T.H., 1 décembre 2009 21:57


OMG! David I LOVE YOU! Your my inspiration.

I recently seen you at the Midland Theatre in Kansas City and met you

at the meet and greet and got your autograph! I thought you were

awesome! I didn't want to continue  playing the violin but once I saw

you I was like "of course I'm gonna still play!" I will always and

forever keep you as my role model!!!!!!

Thank You for inspiring me! 

Your true fan, 

Hannah, 23 novembre 2009 06:59


David,  You have opened a whole new world of music for me. Not only am

I fanatically loving classical music again but have also moved into

rock music from many of the sources that inspired your crossover music.

Amazingly, I remember Leonard Bernstein's concerts from my youth, and

have been delighted by your attempts to get children involved in such

lovely music.  Thank you from my heart. I'm bringing 9 close friends to

the Feb. concert in Seattle.  All ages including my 22 year son down

from college.

Nancy, 20 novembre 2009 01:18


Dear David Garrett, 

I had the unbelievable pleasure of seeing you in concert at Town Hall

on October 24th, 2009, and you are fabulous!!- I so much enjoyed every

minute of your violin playing- I will be looking for your next concert

in New York-  I think you will become a mega star in the music field, I

think you are already.

Thank you for so much enjoyment!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jaye, 10 novembre 2009 17:13


Thankyou David from USA

Goose, 7 novembre 2009 18:48


sweet, soft & tender

eyes of angel's clouds

ur smile fills the sun

tapping boots on my heart


ur world becomes mine

"rock on", 1 novembre 2009 07:26


Saw Mr Garrett for first time in NYC on 10/24. Very inspirational & of

course a great concert. Led Zepplin was a nice surprise. Danke for your

autograph, very kind & generous of you after those people crowded you,  

to take the time. See you again in Boston on Friday.

Karen D, 29 octobre 2009 07:12


Something Beautiful God Made.  David's music brings happiness to all! 

We hope he returns to Kansas City!

Sandra H,29 octobre 2009 17:05


Regarding recent message from Chicago.. on the

24 of October...

  meant to write... "driving the family crazy"

    left out the word "crazy"...

       see you in Portland... in February...

Mrs. Mickey Augustine, Chicago, Illinois, 26 octobre 2009 08:52..


 You just had a concert here in Chicago...The Park West. on the 22nd...  didn't get to attend... but our afternoon news... WGN... had a segment whereupon you appeared... the segment was not lon


I am driving everyone in the family...about you..

since I had purchased the DVD..Live in Berlin... after the PBS concert here in Chicago... in September....

I am also driving myself crazy .... with enything

and everything I can retrieve off of the Internet...

   ... also... regarding the date you have in Portland in Oregon next February... I have two grandchildren in Portland... and family in Florence, Oregon...

 again after raving to them about you... and their

being able to see some videos...on U tube...we have

have purchased tickets for that concert... and I

will head out to Portland..in February... to attend

with the family....

Shopping the other day... came across a hat... like

the one you wear... I will purchase it... and wear

it to the concert....

   You are an absolute doll...

   please some info... as to your height etc.,,

   and aside from realizing... that you have beautiful

   eyelashes... what are the color of your eyes..

      ... see you in Portland...

                Fondly...   Mrs.Mickey Augustine...in Chicago, 24 octobre 2009 08:31..


What talent!!  Eight of us went to see David at the Midland (Kansas

City).  He turned a bad day into a wonderful evening for all of us! 

The world is a better place with David in it!  Thanks for sharing your

music!  Hope to see David back in Kansas City!

Sandra, RN, 23 octobre 2009 18:33


Hi David - well...I did get to see you in Atlanta, GA.  WOW, the

concert was FABULOUS and you so endearing, and a little comical too. 

Loved the story about the lady with the umbrella.  Your band was

awesome as well.  My 20 year old niece almost jumped out of her seat

when you came down the isle right next to her.  She loved it too. 

Thank you so much for the beautiful memories we will forever have! 

Come back to see us again soon!!  Be well and safe!!

 Cindi & Sarah, 16 octobre 2009 00:46



Hello Mr Garrett,

I'm going to see you in NYC on October 24th.....a girl in every city

you say?? How about New York..and another request...please play Summer!

I love how you play Vivaldi.

Karen, USA, 11 octobre 2009 07:07


I'm curious to know if Mr Garrett likes Samvel Yervinyan-I've seen him

play 8 times with Yanni. David & Samvel play kind of similar (minus the

crossover part)

Karen,CT USA, 9 octobre 2009 23:54


I can only hope... that any other DVDs...

 could and would have 90% focus on David's 

face and hands... when he plays.... a few.. shots

of the audience... and a few shots of the other

performers... but his face and hands...are what... the beauty in nature possess...

Many thanks...

            Mickey Augustine (in Chicago), 9 octobre 2009 04:04    



Karen, 5 octobre 2009 20:56


Hello Mr Garrett, just bought tickets to your NYC show October 24th.

Can't wait to see...hear you ;)

Karen, 5 octobre 2009 20:55


I forgot to say, dude, that SUCKS about your beautiful million dollar

violin. Im sorry....It will never sound the same, probably, but with

your talent no one will notice. I would die if anything happened to my

piano. By the way, you rock at Thunderstruck...

Sincerely,  Karen...See you in February at Hartford.

4 octobre 2009 05:13


Hello Mr Garrett, my name is Karen & I  can't wait to see you play in

Hartford in February & be at the meet & greet. Virtuoso made me cry!

I'll have no problem being one of the "girlfriends" you have in every

place you play, this time, in Hartford.....;)

4 octobre 2009 05:00




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